A note to the jabbed

I have formulated a NOW policy

April, 2021 – I will not be held accountable for any unforeseen incidents around a patient’s health and well-being after I see them if they have been jabbed with experimental medical procedures. The wanton reckless medical disregard has left all off us in danger.
After watching the outsourcing of thinking, the rejection of common sense to those with the brightest baubles and loudest voices and deepest pockets, I will not take responsibility for the mess now being visited upon the hopeful, misleading and ultimately vastly immune compromised beings.
I trust my own Wei Qi.
Others’ deficiencies are due to their prior life choices
New territory.
New rules.

I Do No Harm

This puts me at odds with what is now rampant misuse of all resources. And an outlier. Not ‘normal’. (Never was)
I have always been – here to help  when all else fails. But – what if you have now given your body the instructions to be under outside influences – and whatever I do is against the new order within you?
I work WITH nature – and this now is possibly not what is afoot within you.
What HAS worked in my lifetime of helping when all else fails – may not be able to now.
YOU are responsible for all that has happened to you.
YOU may not have investigated what is happening – or what the ‘answer’ was touted to be.
(Whose questions, and whose benefit?)
YOU may not have been interested – having outsourced your duties to others.
YOU now live with/ in the results.
I have spent my entire life working with relieving suffering.
People find me when all else has failed. Since I started in clinic in 1979.
The mental anguish that has caused most to relinquish their sovereignty, to hope that a magical jab will solve the world’s apparent ills as they have been lead to believe shocks me. STILL

If/when you come to have me assist your flows to flow – my job – to restore normal – it may not be possible.I will not be held accountable for the results of this travesty visited upon you.

With no accountability – from the manufacturers who have NO liability, it is not my ‘fault’ if unforeseen effects of anything that previously would have been the way out of your dilemma. You are no longer working as designed.
You will never be again.
An experiment as though a lab rat is what you partook of – to follow and to be part of the mob.
Now likely doing what it is designed to within you.
When I assume what used to work – and aim to assist – it may . . and it may not.
With what ever that is working at cross purposes to life within you to respond to my instructions to go towards homeostasis – who knows? Does this scare you? It scares me.
A Brave New World indeed..
Flows flow
I will endeavour to assist yours to.
Ingredients and circulation – let us see what is possible.
Body heals itself – when it has no impediments.
I am not sure that you being jabbed with a genetic manipulator will allow nature to win.
All care on my side.

UPDATE: early MAY 2021
Crone/wise woman alert.
For my own professional well being:
Normal ill health from normal (actual) vaccines I can, and have always worked around.
This brand new business opportunity masquerading as a health measure comes with no precedence, no long term animal, let alone human trials – with or without benign placebo – and no responsibility – outside your own.
I will not put myself in harm’s way.
Liability is of huge concern – esp as the manufacturers and distributors have none. As I aim to move blockages to flow, I may well initiate something unintended (and am tasked with returning body to homeostasis – maybe you are now in your own category, to never, ever be as the grid/map was designed to be.
As natural herbals and supplements enhance movement,
I have no idea what may happen when I do whatever used to work. With sovereign living entities – I have 42 years experience.
G.E. humans? No idea.
My work aims to restore normal.
If you have been jabbed – something that you may not have again.
Whilst no one knows what will happen, it is human nature to blame another. A risk I do not need.
Consciously agreeing to this biologic warfare is outside my understanding. Possibly due to my life experience –
I completely wrecked my children by being compliant.
And that was my way – I vaccinated them to a heavily reduced schedule.
Hence, I am not about to potentially do more damage to you by enhancing optimal body functions.
First Do No Harm.
I still live by this.

UPDATE: Mid August, 2021
I did work with the jabbed.
I am now very ill.
I will not again . .
Of course, I thought coincidence.
Of course I did not want to believe this.
Thus, I kept saying “OK”.
And seeing more people, who whilst I assisted, reduced my resilience, giving me ever increasing challenges.
I do know how to undo some of it – but – why would I?
Now, with shingles (in my eye), I need to be way more aware.
So do you.
YOUR health is YOUR choice

FURTHER UPDATE:mid October 2021
It is quickly becoming a choice of sovereignty or slavery.
Which suits why YOU are on the planet – here and now  and reading this?
Do you let the LIE that you need ‘help’ (in a form that is not biologically warranted and at great reward to those spruiking it – reign? What of who comes next and what can they expect being in this planet ??

I have spent my life in service – to the Higher Good.

YOUR life:
YOUR responsibility . .


From Doctors – First – Do No Harm (CLICK)

  • (A return to evidenced-based pandemic preparedness guidelines is now urgently sought).