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  • Mercier/Heather’s Gentling Way combo in general

These gyno – visceral/sacral external very soothing corrections are used in all cases – where there has been any surgical interventions on your belly/ torso. Also to correct all twisted pelvis and hip displacement – as the uterus being off centre, the prostate (even if no longer there) has ligaments that have been distorted – let us work on these – not the structure and what happens as it is ‘not happy’.

1  How does your work differ from the standard Mercier?

As a multi modality natural health care professional who is utilising all I have learned through working with sufferers of all sorts of life and health issues for the past 40 years, I start at what I see as is your beginning and through the process of integrating all the Mercier, Maya/ Arvigo and my own Gentling Ways –

Beside the Mercier moves, this includes all I see that has set you on this path – working from the bottom up – (how can your gut work well to support your own life – let alone another?) – the cupping out of the residual cold – that usually has set your body on a downwards spiral – to were sex is not making naturally easy periods/fertility/ pregnancies, or babies.

To get to the Mercier moves, I will probably go on a tour around your body – including working on all scars, incidents and shocks stored within – of all I have accumulated – to ensure that your pelvis is stable and correctly positioned and to do this – the Maya/ Arvigo techniques along with my own will be used. This sets the Mercier work up to then do its magic. We must thus have an open sacrum and lower body to have easy flows – and this is achieved through many routes.

2 – What is included the usually 3+ hour sessions?

We start with a comprehensive questionnaire so I can evaluate where to start. Each session may be very different as I gently uncover the layers of life residue that have been holding your flows back fro expressing your life force fully

Expect (a miracle) to walk out feeling very different each session.

3 – Can I still see my usual natural health care professionals?


Once we have undone why what they have been doing may not have been as effective as it could have been.
You may wish to suspend their sessions until we have done the work only I can offer.
This is as an intensive programme that will reset all that was (to be if never have been aligned to yourself before)you.

The included online packages of home based self care taking back your own power are designed for you to start a process of becoming aware, empowered and happy with your own ministrations.
When you begin working with your partner – or a friend – and yourself – you may find the ‘need’ to see anyone else gone.
(Your body works perfectly and needs no top-ups or ministrations)
That is my goal.

4 – Is there a payment plan?

Possilby – please inquire ring me on 0452 407 667

YOUR entire commitment to quality is the issue.
The work needs me to see you at least weekly for six visits (now only in the country(Australia) briefly intensive – blocks of at least 3 daily ideally). This is not just about the hands-on I do – but most of this is about your commitment to change – how you are in your body – as this is not a financial but a time issue – complete revamp – as having a baby or being given a health ‘diagnosis’ – you need to work out  what is YOUR focus and go with this.

The best results happen when I see you even daily as the body needs often a great wake up as the scarring/adhesions and general trauma that has been stored within you for so long is best dealt with as a block.

Healing is about change.
This means that you do not need to keep seeing anyone else as you are free to be you!!!


You will also be receiving a set of three take home and do yourself courses – these form your initial homework.

You have been sitting in the mess you find yourself – getting piece-meal assistance and divvying up your week seeing this and that person – let’s just fix the vehicle and all the instructions right now!

The closer together the better the results.

All in a week is perfect if you are traveling from elsewhere. The only Mercier trained therapist in the Southern Hemisphere – with extras – and I will only see you as a couple as usually it is HIS journey more than hers that is awaiting uncovering. These intensives may in summer be in my healing sanctuary in the depths of NZ country side – and me only being in Brisbane for a week of a month – so be quick as when summer its I will be escaping to my garden. You will have a holiday include d- so even if you just come in and go again (Christchurch International Airport and over the mountains to Atarau) also add in the flights to get there, as well as the increased fee as you get to stay onsite.

The Shared Journey

is your way to a bonded happy and easy parental adventure into a joyful intact family through the ages ..

Please cost this out against what happens on another round of IVF – not sorting out your underlying (often considerable)  health issues – the why you ‘need’ the assisted reproductive help – and as so many find – to their horror – the past natural health care attentions have not netted what just one session with me have

We focus on Making Naturally Better Babies. Your health before, during and after babies. .
BOTH of you in the plan. Involved every step of the way. Together .

You take total responsibility – this is the most important job you will ever undertake.

(Not just getting a positive pregnancy test result).

How is what I am offering different from the basic Mercier work?

“There is a Mercier protocol – which I have taken to deeper levels. Dr Jennifer Mercier’s work is included in this package. My last 40+ years of being a maternity focused natural care worker is also fully expressed in all I do for you.

Heather’s Gentling Ways.

Differences between the standard Mercier and my packages

Besides the obvious – that I am in the Southern Hemisphere and have been totally involved in natural health care and fertility since before IVF came along – when people were more concerned about TOO MANY children too close together happening – thus I delve into – why not for you?

A) – I work with both you – as a couple

(His prostate/his diminished fertility needs all the help it can get!)

Men are the missing link – the key in your family – their ‘family jewels’ need nurturing back to their past lustre!


B) – All I have developed in maternal well being over the past 40 years is included

(Six 2 – 3 hour, not 1 hour hands on sessions – for both of you – concurrently in the same room).
For every couple who have seen me so far I have uncovered why they are not parents yet.

It is HIM – and always told his INfertile sperm test was ‘fine’.

C) – The online self help healing packages.

D) – Me hand-holding you – The Natural Fertility Detective online coaching programme

E) – Leads into The Natural Pregnancy Coach – taking you through a natural blossoming of your body on to a love based mammalian bonded journey into babe in arms.


Start now – your better life awaits

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Nature will always win – if you let her!