Cold – what it does to you

Adding cold in – which congests life flow – creates inner havoc.
Addition of cold numbs all feeling, stagnating the flow/circulation of anything.

Especially in any woman (who needs her Blood and Qi to harmoniously move through monthly and life cycles) – and the elderly or anyone who already had a weakened system before the addition of the cold that slows all life flow.

Wastes Yang Qi – your life oooomph!

1 – Creates inner torpor

First we need to understand what allows/creates health and what it is. When you do – all has to flow – you would NOT add cold into anything. Slows all life processes – torpor.
As a result :

2) – Slows all circulation

The healing flows of oxygenated nurturing blood in, and lymph taking away all debris out is reduced. This in itself creates a secondary problem instantly and one that will itself hurt you and the body more as systems that up until then may well have been working, now cannot.  This means congestion and this is dangerous as all in the body is designed to flow freely. Obstruction on all levels follows. Eventually may give rise to such named conditions as DVT’s, infections, growths and along the way, general body breakdown.

3) – Cold hardens and congeals substances

As a result, suppleness is lost. Pain results.

4) – Cold slows life force down

Creating an inability to run the body – your very metabolism is obstructed. Over time all systems will start to falter. Which first? This depends on your unique makeup. The very first thing you have to do –  stop adding in more of what is reducing your body’s ability to help itself. Then to address what is stuck within – lodged forever often.

Pull out of you what is stopping your body from healing to itself – as it is supposed to.

  • Why it does it
  • What it leaves behind
  • How to undo your cold inheritance
  • What to use instead?

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