Wake up time!!


Playing the ‘Fix It ‘ game.

Shall we go on a wee adventure?

Who is telling you what is right?
Truth even?

Ways of knowing:

1 – You just know – where from ? Downloaded – always was how/who you were – not able to be shaken –

2 – Embodied – is what IS for you – lived it – maybe reluctantly come to these conclusions.

3 – Someone said – hence you are NOT the authority – even for life/basic beings
4 – Many someone’s said – wrote it down even. In a ‘medical’ ‘journal’ (thus – more weighted.
Gold standard ‘research’ even!!!

BUT what is science in today’s world?
An inquisitive mind seeking answers – or someone paying for what is written.
I go by ‘does it work’?
Of course we must define ‘work’.
Here you may be helped with what I have here  (7 ‘L’s’)
Also here –

When we identify as the middle and bottom circles, forgetting we are

from elsewhere – in a mammalian wrapper, having a human experience,

We ARE a soul – we do not ‘have’ one . .

And that allows us to be free.
Ass with Qi – we are not stuck in anything other than this time and space.

WE define the experience.
And buying to other’s games (who benefits?) is at this time the mission –
Undo slavery – sovereign beings are free.



Changes everything

Are you an ant?
Or a sheep being shepherded?

Is fear the driver?
‘Safety’ in doing as you are told?

I have been working in a local cult long enough . ..watching my sisters in another one – and my son – being also ‘taken out’. What a game!! Over the past 50 years, I have been on the outside, looking in – as people hand over sovereignty. What do they gain from this? Infanticized. Daddy knows best . .
Abdicating self responsibility. Living a life in common – means also – making NO decisions.


Below is a deeply reflective discourse from a very senior acupuncturist.
Covering such diverse topics as modern life killing off the gut flora and what we intend to do to improve this, through to NOT collecting cord blood, drastic declines in sperm health and why this may be, what placebo is, how birth shock happens, why we may need spiritual healing , and the ethics of vaccination versus following survival of the fittest.

For anyone who has doubts about where we are heading – as a culture and a race, and even our profession’s part in the changing landscape.

Containing 10 hours of thoughtful extras in audio/visuals.
If you are up against the CPD needed for the APHRA accreditation – this would fit perfectly.

I ask you to think – there are reflective ponders all through – and from Dr Ted Kaptchuk to traditional birthing practices and saving mothers and babies  – in Bali.

We investigate what is healing – and our place in this picture.

The foundation – my redefining ethics – how to evaluate the Biological Sustainability in a lot of the reproductive and general work that patients think we can do for them by exchanging money for services.

Listen to the ethics component of Heather’s Healing the Wounded Healer course recorded in Adelaide 2016
We thought we were filming – but not so  .

Transcripts are part of the course that will be Q and A – so the APHRA points for an ethics day are there when you ‘need’ them. Plus it is a very interesting thought provoking 4 hours.

See  what one acupuncturist said . .

‘I have listened to your series on ethics, and applaud those hard hitting questions you asked us to look at in clinic. For me I shall listen to it all again as though I was paying attention I’m sure my brain was otherwise engaged on the answers and may have missed more questions. Controversial. Thank you for putting it out there. It needs to be played at all acupuncture training colleges establishments”.


The enhanced pages start here

Reset Your Metabolism fast track

The audios alone – each part has a duration of approximately 45 minutes:

To the right is the cover of my meditation CD/MP3  – we are all one . .

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


The inconvenience of The Story not fitting facts – thus we all fall into 2 camps.


Do we ‘buy’ into this?

Inconvenient facts . . .


1 – The Body Heals Itself (given the conditions to do so)

2 – Flows MUST flow – and life recipe applies – here we have what is hidden – Vit C – life essential.

You are here for THIS now

On the RIGHT planet

Come OUT from under the bush
YOUR life is to be lived