After IVF – perhaps go back to where we were before IVF?

A question rarely asked. .

What to do next?

Maybe make friends with your body/Belly/Baby Factory?
Start at the beginning again?
Health .. .

Is /was your body Baby Ready?

It is very possible that some dislocation of your flows have happened.
Maybe I can help realign you?
With my Maya and Mercier training added into my own Moving Blockages style – your lymph and QI may move under my fingers enabling you to move/be freely again.
Look further here . .

Might you need pelvic healing?

Very possible . ..
When you are suffering from a twisted pelvis and maybe displaced or rotated organs –

especially your uterus – nothing can flow as intended.
Come in and see about a course of sessions to get you in synch with yourself.

Declutter, Reset, Restore