Into selfing


Having listened  to me in the endo webinar – what can you do now?

1 – Hope for it all to go away?
Maybe this has not worked for you yet.

2 – Play around with some of the aspects offered?
May help.

3 – Why not go for change and DO IT?
Sign up and start you fixing you right now?

What you lose . . .

  1. Gut and belly aching.
  2. Migraines, pain all over.
  3. Not sleeping moods all over the place.
  4. Feeling hopeless, helpless.
  5. STILL not happy with being you

What you get

Soothing – this is you – calming with YOUR hands/your belly massage.  – anyone can.
Peri steaming – gentle, profoundly sacred traditional ways of knowing nature and healing what ails you

What Causes Health? –  a necessary question, not asked. We follow the Life Recipe


Can we?
A last module triggers more in their on box or is this too hard?

(Will get them interested in the next one I hope).

In the last module – once completed – a free bonus arrives.

Cold – what it does to you will be sent in a week’s time – as you will be wanting more – a bonus for finishing it all.