Touching someone else – and undoing the reason that they are in pain – often instantly.

Move the lymph to restore their energy (Qi) flow. Help their electrics to work again.


WHY would you?

We are primates – touch magically works.

How did I uncover all of these moves?

When I was first in practice in1979 – it had to as we acupuncturists were the last line of defense. We were called upon there were no anti inflammatories about (or arthroscopies).  Chronic pain was the major presenting feature. I found that adding in what I could when they were not totally resolved meant that much fewer sessions were needed, and greater results happened on the couch – simply through attending their blockages with my fingers. All of this works .. .

This is the about bringing back elders’ oral traditions

Taking out the cold allows the most profound shift I have found I can make using acupuncture.

(I am always interested in the mechanisms . .)
See what happens when we do – move the blockages.
All in the course below .. .

Let’s Rescue their Yang first . . and then see what help the body needs – maybe not that much and maybe suspend all your ‘diagnosis’ till you have some of their Qi ready to help your efforts. And afterwards – get the lymph moving . . on any one coming in with anything – at any age and stage of life. Bring your hands (heartfully) into the session . . It all works – every time . .Qi and lymph, fascial untangling and of course let’s play with the adhesions – and dissolve them – on the spot!

All totally in a day’s work – when we combine sensible meridian based acupuncture with heartful hands!


Course Content


1 Loosening the Lymph Congestion/Massaging Upper Body
2 Pulling Out What is Blocking Natural Circulation Restoration
3 Lower body
4 Upper Body
5 Lower body Sacral Chakra
6 Gua Sha
7 Point Percussion
8 Moxa Usage (especially in pregnancy – and all back ache resolution).

So much more than anything you can imagine!

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