Heather on Mercier

Why am I doing Mercier work?

With my extensive background in energy body work – since 1977 using holistic ways in researching, teaching and perfecting the art of heartful healing (hands on) on the path of MATERNAL RESCUES – I have been on the path of can offer improved blood flows, restoration of normal pelvic circulation and the resolution of what others may only be managing.

I am also an Arvigo /Maya/ATMAT Self Care teacher. Why did I deviate into this transformative body work? I could see  that even with my own style of holistic care there was more. That was ME who had been writing courses and teaching and mentoring acupuncture practitioners since 1981!!!

I have traveled far assisting couples become parents since pre IVF days in Brisbane using a multi modality holistic approach (all of who you are as a couple). As the developer of many pelvic healing programmes of my own, I add the Mercier ways to ensure you get the best.

A powerful combination. For the people who I had already worked on extensively with my own ‘Heathering’ techniques – when I added in Mercier work – mountains moved!!!

Who I cannot help

Those who are dabbling

Much as though you were told by the oncologist, or another medical specialist or when undertaking IVF – the ‘programme’ is the programme. All or don’t bother – Your flows may not be flowing.

I have done my time with people choosing when and how often to come – it messes with what we can achieve and then stops those who are possibly waiting to see what can be done – from coming as you have not given the healing its potential.

Jennifer and I am very clear on this

Sign up and see it through

Quickly – then live in wellness as your healing continues

More so as I have put the different healing tools and life resources and after sales service’ so we can wok together to allow you to become un-high maintenance in an easy body and thus an easy life again.

I am not here for those who are playing ‘maybe’

I intend to help those who are self starters and who follow advice – not who take the best of – you are when you see someone who is actively repairing your pelvic flows!

Let ‘s open to all that we can be

    More on my journey to being/ practicing and teaching healing here

Let your life flows flow!

Declutter – undo all your life residue

Reset – back to ‘factory’/original settings

Restore – your innate blueprint

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6 sessions and we likely transform your body/future