You hold your world and future in your hands

Fertility is  a measure of your health

Starting at the beginning.
Is your body Baby Ready?

As a natural fertility specialist since prior to the advent of IVF, I am now using the Mercier therapies in combination with all I have accessed in my 4 decade of starting out as an inquisitive natural health care professional who was after ‘why?’ in all matters.
This quest has lead me back to the beginning – is the structure able to support life and its expression?

Is your body Baby Ready?

Often this is the reason you are receiving on-going and more invasive ‘fertility’ help when the real issue – better health for both of you – is being overlooked.

Baby-nap on bellyIncluding seeing the male partner as he is half the baby.I have written copiously on this elsewhere. Perhaps start with the Fertility App that I developed to allow you to follow natural problem solving as a farmer or successful animal breeder would. If you are currently seeing other health care professionals this work is totally separate to anything that they may be doing. I do offer the option to have an abdominal massage and vaginal steam just before implantation, as it has been shown to improve the IVF implantation rate. Ideally we would have worked together for months on both of you so pregnancy is how Nature intended – easy.

Once the uterus is in its optimal position, there is improved hemodynamics and homeostasis to support and enhance fertility. With all tissues and organs misaligned, easy fertility follows as she is receiving all the flows to fully nourish great ovarian function.

Often the results of the AMH are nothing more than a report card of how unwell the inner being is presently – and easily remedied with the self care massage and allied homework – all amazingly restorative. Get ready for a baby before planting one in there! This will make the pregnancy and birth so much easier – especially of you have any menstrual or digestive issues as these need to be cleared so a perfect pregnancy result and very simple birth is awaiting you.

See more of how you can help yourself to making a better baby here. Download the HeatherSays Apps (Periods, Fertility, Pregnancy) – natural health problem solutions at your fingertips!

Perhaps come in and see me as I have many tools that you may not have even heard of.

I having been working with couples to make better babies naturally since before the IVF process and businesses all started up.

If IVF has not worked?
Contact me as The Natural Fertility Detective

Let’s see what we can do about repairing you and starting you back to being Baby Ready . .

BOTH of you

(I only see couples – it is a FAMILY that you are wanting)

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