Moxa use


A very simple, effective way to make an astonishing difference.

Real moxa rolls/sticks/poles. They are easily sourced online if a local Chinese supermarket does not stock them. They are super cheap and must NOT be ‘smokeless’ as these charcoal sticks are ‘fake’. They do not have the properties that make moxa so invaluable.


It works . .  . The Miracle of Moxa 2017 (CLICK)

Stuck cold (pullout the cold FIRST – moxa is part 2)

Important side issue – get the Qi to move 

Hence the course Move Your Qi – esp for acupuncturists as they are NOT Qi Movers

How we can see cold’s presence

In the context of birth


Free Your Qi

Warning – moxa smoke


How to light a stick

Stick usage


Moxa use – spectacular

Moxa sacral fan


No drafts

Using in pregnancy

How to moxa sacral fan


Actual use



Using the moxa stick/pole



Using the tent to ensure no draft

Moxa STINKS – see it outside – but not in a draft – here I am talking about moxa in pregnancy and how great it is.

In pregnancy



Turning baby (the end of the process – when all else is set up)

Breast milk increase



Improving breast milk supply

Different uses of moxa

Preparing moxa on ginger



Moxa wool burning


Placing it on the bed of salt


Moxa on ginger

Using moxa on ginger

Alternate uses of moxa


Post C section healing – why, and how we can use moxa


Comfrey on scar


Moxa – releases.

ONLY real smoky.
YES – it stinks – BUT it is a huge healing presence


Thread moxa work here CLICK (why and how)  and here (CLICK) – advanced.

Move Your Qi page (CLICK)