What Causes Health?


This is a little asked question. We need to delve into the assumptions first.

The usual one is that you were aligned and ‘fine’ and something one day – changed.
Not about the fueling wrongly, the living in ways the body was not expected to be: full of contaminants that alter your normal processing of nutrients and disposing of wastes.  Assumption – all was fine and then a disease/condition just happened.
No – took maybe all your time of small whisperings, of warnings, of ‘she’ll be right’s ‘ and of much hoping (for the best), then of following what someone said – the what many someone’s said (and wrote), and then a visit to often many medical purveyors of ‘leave it to me’. Your ‘rescue; is handed over. Your contribution in the process of misdirection rubbed out.

Do what you are told, what all expect. It may work. Often not. Then what?

This is where I came in – and worked for over 42 years. When nothing else worked – ask Heather.
What I have to say may be very different to even what you find by others online. I tend not to hold back. We do not have the time to lay games here.

I am reporting what is – not making it up as I go along. I give you what has made the difference to others. And myself in my own life.
Much research and development later, you have my version of What Causes Health.

I write and present what I have found to be true. Through my decades of working at the interface of ‘hopeless’, when consulted when all else fails. When I started in Brisbane city as the only female natural health care professional blending naturopathy and acupuncture – and body work, there was a vast group who were cast adrift to live and to end their lives in misery. The medicos in the 1970’s (prior to all the magic drugs that appeared, new tools – laser and laproscopies and the rest) would shake my desperate patients’ hands and tell them to get their affairs in order. By now – this may also be you , as for those hooked on the opioids (no ‘when pain persists, see your doctor’ as was the mantra – as the medicos have only so many tools in their almost empty bx.
We must go back to the owner’s manual and seek help from the design.

What are we made to do?
Where are our operating instructions? I go back to nature. And follow her.

Elders taught our forebears what to do – by example. There would have been no dissenting voices as tribal life is inclusive – or expulsive.  Resources being scant and precious. Why go against what has always been – if it works? As the modern consumer and industrial and throw away and ‘me first’ ways have taken hold, the inconvenience of tribal and family ties have been mostly cast aside. With this – the knowings from the deep past. Denigrated as ‘old school’, ‘old wives tales’ and ‘grannie medicine’ – often these still are en what of all back on. Thus – when I say what will on reflection, seems obvious – please stop and wonder- why did we deviate from what works?

Inevitability it will be due to avarice, planned fear based on planted misconceptions, ignorance and assumptions (the government, media, medicos would not. . .  . . . Childlike faith in altruism . Missing – but group compliance – anyway. No more so than now – (written early 2021 – now is September – even less so) as the world lurches into pretending all is well whilst playing with what is best left alone. If you wish to follow what comes up one week to the next – especially that which is NOT showing itself on the media – maybe look through what is on here (CLICK).
I have been all through this change of life over the past 18 months . .

We are all upon this rock hurtling around a bigger, hotter body of gases. Water – cool, green life giving. Are we conscious enough to  what life needs – to our beingness? Please be aware we enter new territory here. This is not medical. Life orientated. This body of work is not from the dominant paradigm. I am a real live, feeling and empathic natural health and life detective – interested more when things are NOT working than when they do. Let us all get on the same page.

What is a person? Then – what is health?

I teach from the 7 ‘L’s”. Maybe start there?
You do not have a soul.
You ARE a soul – having a human experience within a mammalian wrapper.

Let us not forget that to be here in this now you were called to be so
If this opens you more – welcome.
If you are unsure – trust.
If you have concerns – connect in – breathe, and gain guidance from your inner being – that knows.

Fear – (lack of information – and forgetting – that YOU are sovereign.
We are all encoded.
Now is our times.
Some have been more embodying their life experiences than others.
We all have an Inner Library.
Let us begin.

Who/what is Heather?

My assumption – we would start talking health. Scope of practice? Mine – health. Others – likely (medical) death avoidance. If you wish to take notes – please pause me as you may need also more water to drink and get ready to go on a journey – into common sense. Best way to ‘get this’ – Ignore what you have been told to do and go back to nature. . .

Important note – my three circles model. What is a person’?

This may stretch you. I designed this decades ago.

As a teacher of acupuncturists, and as the wielder of seemingly magic results – (when I followed nature and undid what was messing with the body/mind) those ‘hopeless cases’ often resolved very differently.

Often I needed to get those who were dying (apparently – according to the medical profession)  to see that they were more than the body – and the bits that were of this plane – were not all that they were.

We are more than the flesh and blood wrappers that we inhabit to be ‘here’. Seen now as the 2021 rendition. Jing is the inner wealth/capital that you have to spend whilst here – looked after as precious – you and it will last well whilst you achieve what it was you came here to do.



Imperfect action needed – not overwhelm

You may need to understand the Ways of Knowing:

  • 1 – Encoded
  • 2 – Embodied.
    (And forget about the nameless/faceless others who are frankly – pulling y/our chains).


  • 3 – Someone said
  • 4 – Many someone’s said (and wrote – and they are more important than your own way of knowing.

We all need to brave up. Turn our lights on . Not sit about as this car – wonky and not working.

We all may need to Wake Up – fast . .
And do what we came here for.

Why are you on this page – is a good starting point – what drew you in?

Is it resonating?
Not standard presentation – as these are not standard times – and WHO SAYS – it has to be a certain way?

You get it . .
or move on.

 What is health?

Health – ability to adapt to change. Homeostasis . .

Sovereignty – or slavery? You choose.


We belong in groups – and need people. We are programmed .  . Are we aware? Balance? Follow the Life Recipe.

Do we have self determination? The vehicle you inhabit – are you the driver? Or following orders from elsewhere? Another time and place – as in – what great grandmum and great granddad told your parents .. . are they here now? Their ‘rules’ relevant? Working?

What is this? Who and what you actually are. . .

We all have a Light and energy set of bodies – to allow the physical to come through.

This – the medical ‘take’ on the mechanical is not all there is – they ARE tangible.

Programming – on so many levels. Even the language you grew up with – is encoded with meanings that others may not have . We all live in our own constructions of what ‘life’ is. When your tribal group is not as the others – you learn also ways of fitting in – of being invisible. If you are female in a man’s world – same.

Fuel – to be here, you need to be energised – able to process what is placed in your body to do so. The inner workings – including the viscera being equipped through living a calm, orderly life – all flows flowing and all structures aligned correctly.

Physical structure – where it is supposed to be according to the blueprint. Off grid, anything can happen – that is made shoddily, not in a state of good repair. Left to self correct after incidents, accidents, falls and catastrophic events: maybe not.

Life instructions – the energy grids in order. Not interfered with by the modern world’s contamination.

Elders ways imparted so that the rhythms of life, having gotten us to here – are upheld.

What happened in the physical is the end result of rather a lot of inner attempts to keep alignment. When no longer possible – a lot can and does ‘go wrong’  – looking as though it is all complicated. To keep your body working – it was. In health – in automatic self healing into homeostasis. When this is breached, it is possible to correct – if the right intervention at the right time, in reverence for the body mind to take over – the body heals itself. When what blocks it is removed.

4 – Freeing Yourself

Freeing Yourself – you are so much more – beings of Light.

Physical – is mechanical AND structural AND functional. It need the energy instructions. Cold causes pain, contraction, hardening and of course then – as flows are blocked – PAIN

5 – Sovereignty

Ways of knowing (by WHOSE authority)?

1 – Encoded
2 – Embodied


3 – Someone said
4 – Someone (many) said and wrote) – those ‘studies’ to convince you all is well).

Maybe it is time for you to start thinking .. and take charge?

6 – Flowing

Flows need to flow . . Anger – and holding it in – will not help you.
Get a normal sized towel, half it  then roll up and hit something solid – a lot. This will begin your Qi flowing . .
What needs to flow – Qi, red and blue and claear blood (lymph and nerves.

Yang Qi – metabolic, protective, warming – wasted by COLD.
Yin Qi – regenerative, nourishing.
MUST move that Qi.

7 – Food Factory

8 – Breathing

Physical body – needs to be straight and then breathe – let me introduce you to a way that you can gauge how changes really ARE happening. Perineal pull-up – and also turn your head and take a deep breath – and reeat pullup now the across the front of the chest lymph moves. Air – must be not cold, and as pure as possible and through your nose.

No cold and ideally an air purifier (with negative ions) so you can be as safe and clear as possible.

9 – Hydration

Clean – and not cold – no halides – chloride and fluoride – these are not life enhancing and need o be taken out – minute amounts will stop the iodine needed in your body from working in all your cells..

10 – Safety

Safety – what does this mean to you? As a biological unit – we need to feel safe. We do have senses – and some are more hypervigilant than others. When not  we may be in a fright or flight  or freeze and thus we are in a whirlpool – and such things as eating are even shut down. Duty of care? Medicine

11 – Outside

12 – Touch


13 – Raison d’etre

14 – Nourishment – Soul


15 – Nourishment – Heart

16 –  Nourishment – Body

17 – Following on . .

Where to from here?

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