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I will only see you as a couple

It is a family we are founding . .

This may seem strange
Not to any farmer

The major reason we are not looking at the ‘him’s’ as there are usually no medical answers.

(No vaccines, drugs, you will not die from being not fertile enough. Instead a lot of resources are (mis) used and to no great benefit – when we try to force nature – warning of trouble ahead.

YOU may have eventually found me because that has been your journey.
Often the last resort.
Usually what should have happened first – are you BOTH Baby Ready?

Likely not.

is your way to a bonded happy and easy parental adventure into a joyful intact family through the ages ..

work with the men – they also have the issues of lack of blood flow in their pelvis.

Why you may wish to start with perfect (optimum) blood flow – relieve all adhesions/scaring internally


Not just – Making Naturally Better Babies.

Your health before, during and after babies. .
BOTH of you in the plan.

Involved every step of the way.

Together .

You take total responsibility – this is the most important job you will ever undertake.

(Not just getting a positive pregnancy test result).

Why do I do it this way?

As usually people see me after they have been through often years and so much heartache and money – and no one walked them through how to make a better baby naturally

What you do not want . . .

You may have already experienced some of this. It is my role to help you when ‘hopeless’.

Before you go off to the donor/surrogate/no baby ever options.

Let us make you well first  .

How is what you are offering different from the standard Mercier work?

There is a Mercier protocol – which I have taken to deeper levels.

Dr Mercier’s manual work is included in this package.
As she is not working with men, and as I see them as being  pivotal, there is only an option to see you as a couple. The reasons behind the apparent need for bio identical hormones and the anti inflammatory enzymes are addressed.  I do not send you home with expensive take forever medications – more we look at why your body is not healing itself, and why babies are not arriving as nature intends.


A) – I work with both you – as a couple

(His prostate/his diminished fertility needs all the help it can get!)

Men are the missing link – the key in your family – their ‘family jewels’ need nurturing back to their past lustre!

This dad finally did all that was needed – as his 46% ‘normal’ sperm and 250 million per ml was NOT OK as he was living on caffeine – and had to straighten up what he was making his children – (all those miscarriages) with.

B) – All I have developed in maternal well being over the past 40 years is included

(Six 2 – 3 hour, not 1 hour hands on sessions – for both of you – concurrently in the same room).
For every couple who have seen me so far I have uncovered why they are not parents yet.

It is HIM – and always told his INfertile sperm test was ‘fine’.
this is actually an indicator that his body is not in optimal shape – and it is highly changeable – when you take charge/responsibiliy of making the required changes.  Take up the challenge to make Better Babies Naturally.

C) – The online self help healing packages.

D) – Me/my graduates hand-holding you in  The Natural Fertility Detective online coaching programme (online support and lots of info week by week)

E) – Leads into The Natural Pregnancy Coach – taking you through a natural blossoming of your body on to a love based mammalian bonded journey into babe in arms. (Online support and lots of info week by week)




Start now – your new family awaits

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