SARS 2 versus us?

We may need to think for ourselves

Like me, you probably have had your life altered recently.
I am no longer working as the one to go to when no one knows what to do. I was in that spot in Brisbane since 1979 being the first woman acupuncturist/naturopath/Western herbalist body worker in the city. I am now in NZ  . ..

Reducing my life to become as little a footprint as I can.

Maybe like me you have immersed yourself every stray (and a lot of should be sleeping ) hours in getting to the bottom of why people are so less likely to understand basic facts.
Maybe get more interested in your on health and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT . .

Many hind sights . . .

Here is a little mish mash of what you may not have seen.

Do start at the bottom – I stopped sending out clinic newsletters.

Here is a little of what I have been up to


A precis . . (Click)


Not medical . . . life

If this sounds too way out – it is – back to the time when we were in charge – or we perished  .
as a tribe/group – maybe again . .

Early October

Long interesting read

Mid September

Another precis

Early September

BE THE VOICE . ..of change
What a gem – he quoted Goebbles – how to silence truth – – accuse the others of what you are doing . .
And it works!! I watched Dr Zelenko last night – and is worth a look.
In mid May/early June – he saw 2,200 800 high risk (5% mortality rate). Self employed, so he could . .
“The way that I had to practice relying on intuition and triage and common sense no resources – as if a bomb went off – multiple causalities – as though a bomb went off.
At a time when all were focused on respirators – no one was focusing – in stopping the hospitalisation – no one was..”
His job – to stop people going to hospital
How he thought out the 3 part answer .
All were safe, cheap and effective – he did risk stratification criteria – who were dying? Over 60 – or younger but had other problems . . NOT killing people equally – picking vulnerable . .
All younger were getting better without intervention – so he triaged the high risks – and intervene immediately- based on his clinical suspicion – as the viral load dynamics – virus is constant till day 6 – then explodes like wild fire’ – as most came between day 4-5 and –
He treated empirically – easy – 65% came back +ve and if they were losing sense of smell and taste (Zinc depletion) diagnose on clinical discernment – that stopped hospitalisation . .
Thinking – there could be more of it – PLUS he was self employed – in Brooklyn and had no one in stage 1 of this dying .
No hospitalisations if you get straight onto all of the players – ZINC was not used in France (Didier Raoult) and AZ not in South Korea.
(Also we discover here – why we are not hearing much from him – his own health issues are eclipsing all). “When you believe you’re about to meet God, you stop fearing man” such powerful message from Dr. Zelenko. – He very very unusual cancer . .
He had 2 people die (2,200 cases in the middle of bomb going off)

End August . .
Do listen – 14 minutes . . . The Doctor within . ..

Interview with Patrick Timpone. Non-propagandist overview of the whole phenomenon. Why no one has proof of COVID. What are people really dying of ? If this disease is a fake, then what are all these people dying of? Besides Bill Gates and every bureaucrat in the world, who benefits here? What’s on the videos being deleted off YT and FB? What don’t they want you to know? What can we do?

Mid August. .
Update . .Sweden?
Glad you asked . .

I will go through these points one at a time  – later
In the meatme – do go through this page – esp The High Wire at the bottom . .


What is a virus??


Common sense . . .?


PLUS. . .
As you have heard me say for months. years /decades  – it i syour life
To heal you have to change .. .

Oxidative stress messes with life
How to undo this? Dr Brownstein has it all in this pdf.

Body needs more artillery to work with . . . (not medications for profit.)

Did you now?

Bodies heal themselves – when we let them
Fear blocks Qi flow.  Weakens all.

Hydrangea flower in my ‘new’ home – after having visited my garden only for the past 15 years – I am locked down in it . .

As a natural health care provider – multi modality and usually on call when nothing normal has worked.

I ponder – why is this not online?


Get well – being not sick is not that.

Self responsibility

What is all the fuss about?
A coronavirus – the common cold – with extras.
Is it a war?
or is it a simple matter of Living Well?
(And decluttering the environment so bodies can actually work as designed?

If this is a depressing topic – perhaps look at what I have covered on this page first?

And maybe read the LIFE RECIPE first . .

What is a coronovirus?

Where is the most immunity?

That drug ..
is the gun.
Zinc is the bullet – the drug is useless without the micro nutrient

Please follow all I have been saying – there is a strong push to stop people being sovereign.
Any vaccine is less safe than the anti malarial drug – no that you need it . .
The Panaxea AV/AT was designed for the first SARS and Bird flus – and still works really well  .”in conjunction with being sensible and also using nutrients – as in food . .and living well.

Not by itself . .and not in the very inflate doses that were used to ‘prove’ it was not safe
No such testing for vaccines.No need for all of this panic.

What about flu?
Glad you asked

Update 30th July

Global Research: Media Sabotage of Hydroxychloroquine Use for COVID-19; Doctors Worldwide Protest the Disaster




Update 8th July


This is really awkward – I have spent all my now considerable SPARE time invstigating –

Here is what I heard soon after it was discovered in end of April.

Still not in mainstream



Coming up daisies???

Not so bleak really – do read what is above. .past a certain person’s need to conquer the world ad have a=us all turned  into some form of slavery – Here is what I heard soon after it was discovered in end of April.

I feel like asking

Who owns YOUR thinking?

Then there is

A round table of doctors

Another not making ‘news’

A little known doctor in upstate New York named Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has been treating patients off-label with HCQ, AZ and zinc in the outpatient setting and sharing his results in an attempt to save lives.

In a recent interview on The HighWire, Dr. Zelenko described in detail the synergistic effect of the three treatments. He summarized the process using this analogy, “Zinc is the bullet, hydroxychloroquine is the gun that shoots the bullet and azithromycin is the vest that protects the patient.”

Dr. Zelenko described the protocol as “very elegant, very simple and very cheap. It costs about $20 dollars for the whole treatment.” The treatment has the added advantage of an oral pill-based delivery system that patients can take at home. In other words, its cost and accessibility allow for global health systems to easily scale up the treatments to large and low-income populations. 

What were Dr. Zelenko’s findings? Dr. Zelenko’s team saw 2,200 patients. Out of those, 800 who were deemed to be high risk and received the treatment protocol from which only two patients died. The medical community has a big decision moving forward. It has the potential to shape the future of the world as we know it.

One doctor – 800 cases – 2 deaths – why?
He was thinking.
And acted accordingly.

Hydroxychloroquine Hangs On Despite Global Attacks

Will doctors, nurses and other members of the medical community continue to wait for institutions and figureheads with questionable motives and data integrity to tell them how to frame this global crisis and its potential solutions?

Or will they blindly go along for the ride as passengers while gaps in science and reasoning are advertised as fact?

Then we have this new plastic bag horror for the oceans

Stray one use throw away masks as humans get ever more compliant – ruled by fear
BUT – is it safe to wear a one?
What about the lack of Qi flow – let alone CO2 away and O2 towards you?


Chinese herbs – individualised for each case preferably – do work

Still no one has these to ask – how to strengthen our own selves?

At least get your Glutathione levels up . .and here is the easiest way.

Vit D3

Vitamin C
Maybe see why this is so hard to grasp – watch not the story – but what the medicos said had did. .
And ask – why is this not on tap for all – it cannot hurt to IV Vit C when so ill – and sure costs less – and works . .
Research from the 40’s is being ignored as the loud mouthed vested interests are winning it seems.



Why can’t all try it?

The medicos in mainstream are NOT thinking.
And they are not aware of the facts . . .

This is why all are dying – no need to think 0they have rules.

Start thinking for yourself please . .

Update 24 th June



WARNING  I do get a wee bit animated.

I am passionate about anything I spend this much of my time putting together.
I have been at the edge of hopeless and no one knows all my working career.
And usually the outcome is at least a calmer death (we are all going to die) and a better quality life.
We all need to step back from media hype (scaring the horses is a silly idea and take stock.Then take charge.

What is happening?

Maybe time for a reframing?

How to stay well? Life recipe – the beginning of an owner’s manual


This is about real life – not profit for sale of services and potions

How do you know ‘stuff’?
1 – Innate
2 – Embodied


3 – Someone said (who is ‘an expert’)
4 – Lots of people agree (to what is said)

What is ‘medical’? I follow life – and enhance the quality of whilst we are here


Why this is in this format

I am adding in my opinion – based on my life’s work.
At the cutting edge of what I call medical refuges – when all else fails – call Heather!

We were brought up with morals – in the children’s books.

We need to live well ..

Locking us away for WHOSE good?


Locking all away? Instead of getting the immunity and living better?
Lengthening  not flattening the curve.

We are tribal and social and this is a GREAT way to get people depressed.
Touch . . . .

Social Distancing

Who is happier that way – especially when getting freaked out by the news that is ONLY carrying the doom and gloom?

Is this the world you want to live in?
WHERE is the evidence? – We all need to get exposed as the vast majority of us – as in flu seasons – will be quite well equipped thank you already – having a naturally strong immune system.



Masks . .

We need to breathe. . below copied from a RN on FB . ..surely all must see the sense in what she is saying . .

Them: “But, Cait, don’t you wear a mask when you’re in the operating room?! YOU of all people should be advocating for people to wear masks!” Me: I’m so glad you asked! Let’s break down a few key points.

One, in the surgery setting we wear masks for a couple reasons, none of which have much of anything to do with preventing the spread of viruses. The first is to prevent bacteria particles from our own nose and mouth from entering into the patient’s surgical cavity. This is not because anyone is sick. This is because we all carry pathogenic material in our airways, that normally are a non-issue, but when a patient is in a compromised state from being given general anesthesia and having their body sliced open, they become more susceptible to these opportunistic microbes we all carry. The second purpose of the mask in surgery is to prevent exposure of the provider to the patient’s fluids and tissue. Interesting to note, in many countries the circulating nurse doesn’t wear a mask, only those hovering over the surgical site don PPE.

Secondly, not all masks are created equal and most people have no idea which masks are for which circumstances, or that most masks provide little if any protection against viruses. The right mask worn incorrectly increases risk. The masks typically worn in the operating room are simply medical grade surgical masks, like the one I’m wearing here, and are not recommended for use when the presence of small particulate or aerosolized pathogens are in play. They’re great for keeping the teams spit out of the patients incision while they communicate during surgery and prevent chunks of tissue and blood spatter from being on the inadvertent lunch menu, but aside from that they’re really just little humid breath collectors. Instances when one would don an N95 respirator would be things like a case with a TB positive patient. And we are fit tested for those and given a specific mask type to use in such cases. The fit test consists of putting a giant plastic box over your head and spraying an aerosolized compound into the container while you wait to determine if your mask fit is good based on whether you can taste/smell the spray. It’s a big ordeal and redone each year in most facilities.

Last, in my 15+ years in healthcare, I have witnessed more improper use of PPE than I can quantify. I have seen seasoned medical professionals contaminate themselves and everything around them in a matter of seconds. Using equipment without the proper knowledge or training is a recipe for disaster and in this case, increased exposure. Unless you’ve thoroughly read through the literature and understand the approved uses, application and removal process, appropriate discarding protocols, etc you should probably just sit down and stop promoting inappropriate and unsafe mask use.

So if you’re not planning on doing some surgery while you shop for groceries or take a walk in the park, your mask is really just serving to warm your face and harbor some of those germs you’re so terrified of right in front of your airway. And if you’re wearing a sock or underwear on your face or rocking a bandana like we’re in the wild west, you’re simply creating more laundry for yourself, but doing absolutely nothing to stop the spread of pathogens.

And I have to say, I’m a little disappointed to see so many “educated” medical professionals promoting unsafe, baseless practices and seemingly forgetting their foundational knowledge😬

***None of this even touches on the negative health impacts that can be caused from extended mask use, chronic fear and anxiety, and allowing others to make decisions for you because you don’t feel informed or empowered enough to make them yourself. I’ll save that for another post.

No science in wearing a mask – lots of reasons NOT to
It is a game . . .
Called cognitive dissonance – if this was not actually ‘a fact’ .
.what else is not . .
Please listen to the sensible researcher . .
FIND the evidence that shows masks work . .
23 minutes .. . .he tried – it all says the contrary.
Low humidity . . (virus can be airborne then. .).
Go to the beach – get sun (Vit D3) and fresh air and breezes, and humidity . .
and live life!!!!
No closed in air – so YOUR MASK?????





Just a few studies about mask efficacy for those inquiring minds:

Over 3 times the risk of contracting influenza like illness if cloth mask is used

Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97% compared to medical masks with 44%

Both surgical and cotton masks seem to be ineffective in preventing the dissemination of SARS–CoV-2 from the coughs of patients with COVID-19 to the environment and external mask surface.

And since so many people seem to think there is no harm in wearing a mask, here’s some information from a fellow nurse, only she’s certified in anesthesia administration as well, so even more specialized and qualified to speak on the topic than myself https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10219465804670003&id=1659780508

See more here

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA); April 21, 2020 Volume 323, Number 15

.How to LIVE WELL?

Being freaked out is NOT helping . . .
What else is happening whilst locked down and not working and what to live for??
My story? I am Kathryn’s mum

Nursing home neglect

Do you want to be in one? Are they healthy places?
Vitamin D3
Following medical dogma is NOT following life.

Magnesium – needed for life as all nutrients are.

Doctors screwed up

Doctors were bound by protocol and not allowed to actually treat what they were seeing.

Dr Cameron Kyle – Siddle on ventilators and people dying due to using them.

They were not thinking – as they would lose their jobs if they spoke out.

Dr Archie Kalorerinos – and the role of Vitamin C  . .
Every second child.

Vaccines do not work

(Warning – sacred cow) Vaccines do not work – their manufacturers do no studies to show their effectiveness (or safety) as that would shut that CASH cow down.

More on what I have done up on the subject here.

AND . .. .  viruses mutate

Humans are NOT guinea pigs

Enhancing health is the answer to all ills.

SECOND DISASTER: 100% Injury rate in Subjects from Gates-Backed Covid-19 Vaccine – UK Vax Group Fails


MTHFR /methylation pathways upset – and Glutathione not working

SIDS . .

Aluminium – neurotoxin – always . .

Gulf War syndrome

Fetal human cell lines? Yes -(medical trying to ‘OK’ it in that one).  Vatican approved as well!

Whose bright idea is that?
Japan stopped using and automo immune (and autism rates) plummeted.

Why is using human tissue derived products injected into a human a bad idea? See more here.

A bit of a history of me, my lungs, my heart problems, my moxa use and various stories – as with my son with glandular fever – for 3 1/2 days . .
All by using AV/AT – Chinese herbal capsules (150 for $120 – you can get by saying you are one of my patients and talk to one of the lovely people at 1300 133 8707). These were designed to knock out SARS 1 and bird flu – 20 years ago  they are brilliant – 3 is a dose – and you take hourly till you are not unwell – often when you get this started at the very beginning  maybe take 2-3 doses, go to bed, wake up having forgotten that you were ailing . .
(Also perhaps look what I suggested in one of my earlier clinic newsletters).

Oh dear . . .
Anyone thinking down the track? Focus of the future we want?

What is the death rate LESS in Asian countries? (Maybe they know things we do not – hence I say use traditional ways – they will be – at least in eating. – and using home remedies.

What do did I do ?

Liposomal Vit C – usual Vitamin C

Vitamin D3
Magnesium – topical not oral – need to get rid out the stored mercury stored in your tissues likely – 5 drops x 6 daily.
Acupuncture and lymphatic massage . .
Chinese herbs – and STILL Duncan got really sick.

Another doctors’ take on this:

Maybe also look at this

Need – something to do
Something to look forward to
Someone (maybe even ourselves ) to love.

What IS health?

The ability to adapt to change . .

A little asked question . .

What is the problem with living well?
Following Nature.  .

A recap . . .(cartoon – less than 6 minutes)

Your choice – pain – or – health?

Maybe consult someone local who specialise in health and its return – that is NOT medical . .
And maybe look at the courses offered here.


If you wonder how/where did this virus get out?