In addition to all the work on the sacral fan, the belly perimeter and the lymph drainage generally

(Heather’s Gentling Ways) we have an add-on for the men.

Can be all or part of challenges below:

Circulation in the legs,
Urogenital area
Sexual and fertility concerns

Lower back . .

Prostate is his uterus . .
And as such – responds just as a woman’s does to the environmental toxins and the emotional traumas that are visited upon is when we do not allow full emotional and sexual expression and movement in our bodes.
(Let alone circumcision trauma deeply held).

Sacral moxa fan



To do the ‘drainage . . .

Also see here

Actual Prostatic Drainage

We are getting ready.
He is lying on his back, with knees up.

The horizontal bar is the line of the pubic bone.
If he has a lot of pubic hair – use not an oil but some form of massage cream – I use Tui balm as it is perfect – a beeswax mix.

The centre line is obvious – we stat from each side of this and work laterally – back to the sides from there.


Remember he is lying down.
Knees up.

Showing that we are to move across the belly.

Deeply and gradually get to more shallow as we get towards the edges.

Start gently and gradually go ‘mining’.
Start with your fingers in a row – all three middle fingers in a line.
No fingernails.

A gouging action – very slowly.

In at 45 degree angle. Deeply.
At the level of the bone – against the edge of the third (ring ) finger when starting on his right side.

We are working very deeply.
Make sure that he has an empty bladder
That you have NO finger nails
That you start superficially and work inwards
That you are respectful of ‘tubes’ – do not try to get what is there out of the way Looking from his view – the depth of the hands

it will feel very odd to him the initial times this is done.
Please do three moves, and then the other side.
Usually easier to do the right side first.
Can go deeper as the area ‘warms’ up to it – over time possibly – a few times weekly – ideally with the rest of the belly work done first and with the sacral moxa fan if possible.

Please do not go straight into this.
Maybe even have hi on the perineal steamer first . .
It is a huge bonus to any men with a varicosele or pelvic issues – and along with the rest of the Men’s massage – a boon for all matters of the bedroom/heart.

Please consider getting the Self Help package. In the Foundational Moves portion you get all of the cupping out of cold, retrieving normal as well as a blow by blow of the ancillary lymph and structural shifts to accompany this – as this is the icing on the cake’ – and so much more can be released in working with men.

You see me working in Shane as an older man – the entire process is revealed. can help a life turn around – he wet from no sperm viable to making 2 babies in 2 years and then needing a vasectomy – this is after 7 years of NOT making babies – 17-24 years old!