I started helping couples become families in the late 70’s – before IVF even existed in Australia.

Seems there is a missing piece of information that may help everyone who finds that babies are not following sex (in their bedrooms) as they always have before

W.H.O. parameters of fertile sperm

(All they had to be)

Year being visually normal
– one head, one tail – no mention of actual chromosomal integrity).
1980 80.5%
1987 50%
1992 30%
1999 15%
2010 4%
2017 ?%Where can this go next?

How many women in the same time period have become MORE fertile to cover his precipitous plummet?

Can you get a driver’s license with such a ‘pass mark’?

Why is no one telling you the terrible truth?
The toxic state we find the environment is mirrored within you

This concerns you

You may be using donor sperm – I have found is that the donors are under 15% normal – often only 7% looking normal – this is NOT acceptable at the cost and this excuse you may have been given is that you are ‘too old’ or whatever.
HE was not fertile – and whilst he MAY have made some babies at great cost with this – no one seems to be truthful.

Sperm is highly vulnerable/instantly adjusted according to what is happening to his body – and can alter radically with every change you make in lifestyle.

Why does this matter?

Making the best baby possible

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