Self Mastery and clarity happen concurrently
We go back and ‘catch ‘ the old you up – we all transform in the process

Why we all have to start at the beginning


I seem to be talking acupuncture a lot?
My beginnings . . always hands on and naturally minded –

from an energy acupuncture model




Life enhancement is about encouraging your body to return to ‘perfect’.
All my courses are designed to assist you to start the thinking needed for this to happen through presenting this information,
predominantly from what WAS recognised as common sense and various wise-elder traditions.

DRAFT  .  .  .

This is incredible value.
Besides picking up the 8 Extras as a way to NOT diagnose, but relieve stuckness – on all levels of toxins .. perverse Qi – you will also be walked through learning to touch.


What is this about?

About 99% of patients that she does NOT use what she learned in this work 

You can love it too!