This demonstrates the the journey that you could choose to take to free yourself from the cage of beliefs and expectations that have you stuck as a personality infused Soul force.

Whilst the personality (mind) is allowed to drive your life and all you perceive, it WILL be a very reactive and torrid time here on the planet Earth.

If you are searching for ways to free yourself and to live outside the previous limitations, perhaps take the time to explore what else you may do – connect with your Soul Star and allow it to do the work.

For more on this please investigate all in this mediation section

The pictures below are representative of the contents of the booklet that is within the Reunion CD/MP3 as part of a self healing journey you can take in the safety and sanctity of your own home – and available here. .

If you have the MP3 addition it is the second track – Emotional Clearance.

You may have done some clearance around how you are feeling – or maybe some processing around letting go /acceptance/forgiveness.

  • Self as imaged.
    Separate, hence alone.
    Separate hence fearful,
    thus easily triggered into apparent self defense, and reactivity.

Aided immensely in this game by all the pre-programmes of gender, race, religion, class and other constructed divisions. (All there to be used as tools to eventually be undone as the illusions of self importance)

self01low-res The cage of belief that has you believe that you are here alone and separate from all others. The body and mind is all you think that you are.
self02low-res BUT wait – there is more . .. The real ‘you’ – Higher Self connected.
self03low-res As what is really ‘you’ – as you may appear from outside yourself – the Silver Cord/Antakarana anchoring you to the Earth plane and above to the Solar Logos
self04low-res A voluntary process you could choose to undergo – daily at least.Release all those hurts and petty distresses,

thus freeing the Self energy to be,

with no need to extract retribution.

To just BE

self05low-res Add to this Golden LightTo then awaken the spark of self divinity as love,


beyond judgement and conditionality.

self06low-res Connecting to ‘The Driver’, the one who knows “Why?”Thus how to exit the programme/story that UP UNTIL NOW may have run your every minute (Life Dramas/’Problems’).
self07low-res Recognising the common thread of gold that weaves us all into the tapestry we call “Life”.

Let all that has upset you go to The Light – as shimmering fireflies . .

Feel the connection to all beings, as you become detached from what held YOUR own light in darkness – what a relief!!!

self08low-res Allow the pink of unconditional love to pour through you.

Your heart – open as . ..

Connect to all aspects of all from your soul family and all who are there – in form and not – and yourself as other beings on other dimensions/planes and times ..

And all those whom are here to help and guide you

In whatever form – usually the ones you wish you had never met -as it is uncomfortable . .

self09low-res Swirl the spiritual vorticses faster and purer – allowing all dislodged to fail away and down to be used in the lower realms.

Feel the love and energy helpers all around

self11low-res Continue the vortex as you release the past wounds now uncovered – as delightful butterflies to go upwards and inwards . .

Feel the spaces that are left fill with Love and Light

self12low-res Feel your Higher Self merge with the clearer ‘you ‘

As that blended being . .

self13low-res Fill all spaces with ascended LIght

Recognise the common thread of gold that weaves us all into the tapestry we call “Life”.

self14low-res Start the vortex up again – this time as all of Self.
self15low-res Clear all away so all is pure and feel all the attachments and sufferings dissipate in Light.

We are all One

As such, seeing beyond the masks, the camouflage, the personality cages that create apparent discord, seeing the SELF as containing the keys to unlock the current piece of the cosmic puzzle. (This “Life”)
Return to the spark of light you are.

Please see all images within the meditation section of this site. Pictures portray what words may not.

To use the meditation these pictures were designed for – to clear yourself – Reunion – Healing Breath

If this has piqued your interest – go to the Lucas Publishing Company and investigate the Alice Bailey work (for serious searchers).