Practicals . .

In tandem or separate to the online acupuncture Triage course. .

We have Heather’s Gentling Way

Pelvic Opening (one day) – can then teach WDCD moves

Foundational Moves + cupping navel and all moxa uses

Usually with Mammalian Maternity (practical)

Or Healing After C Section (practical)


Gentling Way Self Care – getting to know your womb space

Gentling Trauma Relief – Self Discovery/Spiritual Healing

Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai (marrying your heart and womb space)

Living Ligaments I – Womb Woes to Womb Wonders – realigning

3 day experiential & hands-on.

A journey into hands on repairing of the torsion, the breakages and the past fractures in flows from a more physical level – the ligaments need their own healing journey – through what causes them to NOT be supple – NOT be amenable to being shown where their blueprint would have them. NOT forcing – The Gentling Way is all about releasing what is stuck What Lies Beneath. In its own time. Deep emotional/spiritual healing as part of the structural realignments instantly possible.

Basic Suspensory ligamental work, allowing the uterus to return to optimal position

  • Mal positioned uteri, missing organs and how to undo adhesions,
  • Lymph and blood flow
  • Gyno visceral corrections, inspired through the Maya and the Mercier work.
  • Basis diastasis and belly calming

“Living Ligaments I and the courses that lead into this, has been a game changer for me. It has added a depth of understanding and knowledge that has really pushed me into a place of what feels like expertise, around working with women who have fertility, pelvic, pregnancy, back, women’s issues… anything that may benefit from free flow and balance in the pelvic bowl. I really feel it has lifted my practice above and beyond, and has allowed me to offer work that is profoundly nurturing and shifting for clients”. Tanya,  Banora NSW

Living Ligaments II Prolapses and Prostates – advanced

3 day experiential – and hands-on

Restoring normal where it may never have been.

Working on others.

The progression follows as you become proficient at the level you are working with.


  • Prostate correction,
  • diastasis
  • prolapses,
  • most pelvic congestion and
  • sacral problems

Living Ligaments III  – Opening the Baby Gate – all reproduction

3 day experiential – and hands-on

Reproductive – normal and needing assistance.

2020 focus on the men . .

Enhancing Male Urogenital/Reproductive Health

Practical work I have been teaching alongside the acupuncture content for decades.


Supporting Normal and Ensuring Optimal Health in Pregnancy

What did Nature have in store for us?
Can we return to the template?
How do we unbreak ourselves and others in clinic?

The Advanced Work:

Gentling Trauma relief

Living Ligaments: Life and body aligning

More than needles?
Maybe think sideways . .

World wide touch action

The process of undoing a body.

Incorporating the best of all I have collated.

Expect normal – perfection – to be uncovered.

How much?
Stay tuned . .  19.12.19