Heather’s Gentling Ways of Breaking Through

Your pain and suffering

Your Inner Feng Shui may need adjusting

Clarity . .

Freedom to be . .
A life without restrictions –  – not this


These block your body’s flows (how it can actually work is impeded) –
Come off all pain killers and into a limber life!!

How did they arrive? Small incidents/accidents – not just operations
Gluing you together in ways that will bind/bend you over maybe

Adhesions sticking the liver organ to surrounding tissues – no wonder there is pain and discomfort – and when I shift things – FREEDOM!

To have easy life and ease in your body . .
You need the flows to flow

Not to feel stuck down . .

Not just on women’s bodies


My hands showing the extent of the inner scarring – a huge lump of adhesions underneath the surface

Maybe you think that this is normal??               Or this . .

(It is ‘just a scar?) It affects all of the flows that no longer CAN flow


You may not be wanting pregnancy – but clarity and freedom

On all levels . .
After a life well lived
A body full trauma – uncovered

Why do I suggest a package and as an intensive?

This works

You want results.
After 40+ years – this is how I see them happen. Initially I saw people there times weekly. At least this close together and for extended sessions to work on all the back/pelvic/sacral and tailbone flaws that have stopped normal healing from happening – includes the emotional and the energy work that may be required.

A tall order? Not if you are feeling as though you have ‘done everything’ and have been backed it a corner . .
Not really – as the body stores t all and there is NO WAY that only shifting the bits can allow healing – change is needed on all fronts.

It is not just the it that is currently offending you by apparently not working/responding to others’ efforts – it is actually a body wanting that there is so much more underlying – and what lies beneath is driving what will happen next – why not start the New year with the intention of actually Loving Your Self Better?

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1 – 6 Gentling Method (based on a lifetime – 40 years of collating what works) sessions with Heather

(Allow at least 3 hours each )

2 – Much support pre and post sessions to assure that you ease into a new body and life

A general well being health series will be up soon.

(Love Your Body Better begins this series)

Contact me if you wish to know more – or
Jump in .. .

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Get your flows flowing again
An easier life awaits!!