What’s wrong with COLD?


These days we are bombarded by cold in many forms.

Restaurants almost always present water in ice as a matter of course. Asking for drinks without it is seen as being somewhat odd.

Cold seems to make its way into the body as though this is a good thing – and when added in intentionally/ therapeutically it is often way over the top – how can anything get better when partially frozen? Healing is not all about feeling numb. Pain often is instructive and actually telling us to NOT carry on as usual – we are damaged . . .

On these pages you will find the answers to most of what has troubled you.
Also how to help yourself – in safe and easy ways that many cultures have developed over millennia stretching back through all cultures and times.

Perhaps ask yourself first 

Who is the authority?
Answer you may discover.


In these and the pages on HeatherSays.com  you will find an entire lifetime of one senior healer’s quest for excellence in her own practice, and in understanding how to assist those whose bodies are not working in the way that they are intended to.

Enjoy the journey!!!

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