Mercier for Men


The Mercier work goes far deeper than reproductive help for women.

  • Sexual function

  • Prostate/Urinary system

  • Lower back

  • Leg circulation

  • Digestive woes

    • Men have all the bits women do.

    • We all started out as female till about 8-9 weeks along within our mothers.

      This means that all blockages and impediments to flows are affecting men equally.

    After completing my Mercier training I arrived back to my clinic to work on every single person regardless of their age and stage of life

After being alerted to the possibility of reproductive help through watching the recently released The Shared Journey film, you may be very interested to learn more. (The vast majority of women I see in clinic wishing to be mums have a partner who has been told that ‘he is good’/sperm is fine/OK). When I see the test results I can see why the IVF and the baby making has not worked out for them.Little known fact . . .

Men’s fertility is a measure of their health

Improve one – improve the other.
As always – with any problem – Ingredients (nutrients) and flows (circulation).

Men are more seeking solutions for their pelvic health.

The are also experiencing pelvic pain, bladder and prostate issues which can lead ultimately to poor overall function. Relief from any acute or chronic pelvic health issue is as simple as getting flows flowing again – as all in traditional cultures know – pain is due to blockage. Restore circulation and all will be well again. The body heals itself when what is stopping this is removed.

Common male pelvic health issues include:

  • penile/scrotal/perineal or anal pain
  • post-ejaculatory pain
  • erectile dysfunction
  • tailbone pain/coccydynia
  • pelvic pain that interferes with sitting and exercise
  • urinary urgency, frequency and hesitancy
  • decreased force of urinary stream
  • constipation
  • groin pain
  • sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Missing link in all ‘fertility’ info – logic – it takes two . .


Start as a farmer would – with the best breeding stock possible – and this is in your hands and you CAN change it.


A sedentary lifestyle creates compression of the testicles and groin, increases acidity, decreases waste removal, and creates malfunction and discomfort.

By releasing the tensions and strains that life, incidents, accidents, falls, operations and illnesses have created your natural flows are returned to optimal, so that your body works perfectly again.

Most of us have digestive, structural and emotional systems that are upset by modern life – male or female. All may be gently coached back to optimal functioning.

‘Men’s business’

Grounding-the-MasculineBy ensuring a full blood supply to the prostate, the abdominal massage helps to prevent and correct swelling and inflammation. It also helps alleviate varicose veins, causes of premature ejaculation, alleviates some impotency problems, infertility and the need to urinate frequently.

The Mercier work is thus very rewarding for men.

The prostate is a glandular organ that rests behind the bladder it has no ligaments to speak of for support. By applying the massage to the abdomen, healthy organ function is supported, relieving congestion that may have arisen resulting in the prostate gland becoming inflamed and enlarged. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), decreased sperm count and quality, decreased enjoyment and abilities in the bedroom, and urinary and fluid and allied back and lower leg circulatory challenges.


Men report that they can feel a distinct difference in blood flow (hence strength of erections) after a treatment. Not only does the massage relieve prostate swelling, but it helps alleviate varicose veins, premature ejaculation, some impotency problems and the need to urinate frequently.


  • Every digestive circulatory or structural upset will be helped through having the tension stored released through this gentle self care.
  • Lower back aching
  • Leg congestion including variscosities and neuropathies and diabetic ulcer regeneration
  • Early stages of prostate swelling
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Prostatitis (mild)
  • Matters of a bedroom nature – improving flows within the body can only assist all back to normal functioning.

Besides gently correcting any digestive or structural challenges, the following of what you are advised to do can alter any urinary, prostate, reproductive and often painful back condition.



You hold your world and future in your hands

Why? He is half the baby.

Sperm quality is so easy to change – for the better – and for the worse . .
All farmers source the most expensive stud they can. Where has this obvious aspect of creation been lost? Often poor sperm is most of the reason for miscarriage (before 6 1/2 weeks I have noticed in clinic over these decades). So many women with partners whose sperm must be helped (ICSI) are told it is all about them and their age or eggs or AMH – and that he is ‘fine’. Not so. Sperm quality is so easy to change! Alter what it is being made from – and how it is being made and immediately things change. Sperm quality and quantity are easy to improve

Below you see a dad whose sperm was being heavily damaged through his caffeine addiction – he stopped making only heartbreaking miscarriages when he listened and cleaned up his life. His 46% perfect visually LOOKING ‘normal’ sperm result changed. He made a baby instead of yet another miscarriage!

Mel Pamment bubHe had to wait till he had left all those life time habits behind – to make his treasure.

I strongly advise you to wait 4 months at least from starting changes to make to more likely an easy pregnancy and baby emerge. Sperm quality is his report card of his strength/stamina or stress. Sperm like eggs maturing and the endometrial lining, are made from ‘what is leftover’.

Thus we turn to the gut – men often suffer needlessly from digestive woes. These impact on their ability to make good sperm. Any past incidents and accidents and operations may also be reducing appropriate circulation through their reproductive regions. This needs resolving before conception.

So few medical personnel seem to be problem solving.
Let me help you . .
Should you be one of the men who are in the category of the last 3 of 3 I have seen – !!

Surely this is a problem?
The actual medical surgery may be performed – but still – what set this up and what will enhance your sperm quality?

The Mercier and allied work I will do on both of you will enhance the likelihood of your babes being made well – in your own bedroom!

Watch the film

Declutter – let your life flows freely

Reset – back to ‘factory’/original settings

Restore – your innate blueprint



Note – this is a programme, not a session when you feel

Much like IVF – there needs to be an order as we take you through WHY babies are not happening – or WHY there is cancer – or WHY there is a lack of sexual sensation/good sperm being made – being reactive and just seeing me when you feel, for as long as you feel – is not the way to guarantee success in any endeavour.

We can work a lot together – when we both have the same degree of commitment.
I know mine is always for the Highest Good of  all concerned.
Let’s make this a real team effort!!!

The Shared Journey

See how a simple set of moves

and an integrated approach can naturally help you make better babies. 

Or  using my accumulation of nearly 40 years working with couples to make families

And to transfer ‘Hard’ cases to simple – you can shape yourself or a better body to live in!

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6 sessions and we can likely transform your body/future