Men’s Healing Kit


  1. Tuneup . . .to get all of your body working properly – flows flowing so none of the problems below can be festering underneath ready to nab you later. .
  2. Preventative – encourage normal to return operations,
  3. Return you to past excellence – even just functionality sometimes would be welcome . ..
  4. Enhance all sexual function and
  5. Circulatory vigor – losing sensation and limbs due to neuropathy.
  6. ED (erectile dysfuction,
  7. Prostatic problems,
  8. All sperm troubles – from none, through poor quality and numbers, and mobility to just not making babies
  9. All pelvic and structural pain,
  10. DVT’s,
  11. Old sporting injuries,
  12. Compartment syndrome,
  13. After surgery,


  • Pads (to enhance prostate wellness – wear overnight to make most use of the negative ion technology).
  • Drops
  • Moxa stick
  • Massage oil
  • Magnesium roll on
  • Castor oil and wadding
  • Huge information pack (available instantly as an eBook package)
  • This is your guide on how to help yourself – ideally with a partner.
  • Quite possible by yourself you can knock over a lot of the grief that you feel your are deep in.