7 ‘L’s


The Seven ‘L’s . .

Light (We may have forgotten we are all Light – here having a human experience in forgetting/Free Will.

lineage  why we are here – the survivors gave us the wisdom – are we using it?

Liver – all that is from my acupuncture knowings. . . all levels . . a life paradigm

Lymph/ligaments – not here unless the fluids flow and the ligaments hold our space – willowy/supple.

Beings of light having a human encounter – in the Third Dimension ..

More clarity is always the goal – on all levels.


Lies  – all that holds you back – maybe start with – not good enough (for whom?) Body needs help/can’t heal itself . .
Litigation – if you do not stay in control you will be – through fear  . .

Back to the One . . . Reunion.
Meditation tracks – free – here.
See more of the  work this is based around – here. – deconstructing the personality cage mess we create – to learn/be here.

We are all of the Light = as we are all a droplet of Light –
Here held in a mammalian wrapper









To be in this here , now. . .


And personally ..

3rd dimensional overlay        Emotional charges                          ‘Landmines’   



We need to undo where we are


Remember ‘The Matrix’? Red/Blue pill

Here we are . .

Warning – this may look all tend to be a little odd – as is this work.

I always have a burning question

Ever curious
Like ‘Alice in Wonderland’

I feel that assumptions are not helpful.

We need to ask very different questions to move through what ever is bothering us.

To bring through the Living Ligaments work, I had to ground it.

What was its basis?

ME being different – As a quester – an outlier – a maverick – one who will NOT be owned or told what to think/say/do/be.  .
When writing the undergraduate acupuncture course in 1981 with Judy James in Brisbane, I had to get to a definition of health

The ability to adapt to change. (all levels of being)

Why are we here is next?
Here I had to look at the context – how did we get to here?

As so many come to see me when all else has ‘failed’. .  .

I knew we need to start with the normal/what to aim for when needing help.
It is not enough to get straight into problems.

There is more

Self mastery – always – first . .

Please be mindful  . .

You are of the Light – here having a less than Light experience – negotiating your way back . .