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Mercier Therapy

I have traveled far assisting couples become parents since pre IVF days in Brisbane using a multi modality holistic approach (all of who you are as a couple). As the developer of many pelvic healing programmes of my own, I add the Mercier ways to ensure you get the best.

Self-Help Courses

(The Gentling Way)
The Getting to Know Yourself

It does have a lot that is background – so it is good revision . .
Loosely – there are some eBooks to download and a lot of visual videos.

Please watch and read it all.
It all works.

Practitioner Courses

‘Working with Heather and taking her courses has greatly changed the way I work in my clinical practice.

I’m much more aware of cold invasion in the body and how it weakens the whole system and that what the elders taught had great truth and relevance in it for modern times.’

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Easy Babies

Babies, like puppies – are for life.
You want to make the best one possible, and then not break him/ her or yourselves