Heather’s Progammes

Wise Women’s Ways of Healing


Help yourself to a new You!

This is the compilation of a wise woman’s work.

40 years of research and development.
Add on to ANY stye of anything you do.

I am still working occasionally on people who choose to take responsibility for their own lives and wish to be guided.
I have made up the course below to assist anyone – a highly qualified health care professional of any description – or a beginner in helping themselves – as it contains the essence  why we need more than food now (help your gut to work as it was intended to) and how we can use our own hands to lovingly assist our own bellies and the bodies and hearts of those around us.


Anyone can!

What can YOU do?

1 – As a self responsible person?

Take charge of your own life.

Note all trajectories start with Self Care


See the Self Care Package

     Your belly holds the keys to your life

Let’s start with loving Your Belly Better

No one else will – or does – and no one teaches this obvious content/nurturing others now all is academic not home based .


In this package you get 3 mini courses in one:
  1. an understanding of why we all now need to work harder to get/stay well – modern environmental and stress issues explained – and what you can easily do to change this,
  2. the Healing Power of your OWN hands /touch and
  3. How you can easily transform anyone’s pain and immobility into a happy body.


2 – Maybe to help yourself or others in their maternity?

 Painless Pregnancy and Easy Birth and Beyond

Anyone can – you just need to want to make a difference to the following generations PLUS stop the loss of self and sovereignty that has happened as the mammalian template has been lost in the medicalisation of birthing and maternity.
Doulas/midwives/any health care professional PLUS anyone who cares – this may be your new lease on life – working with and maybe even teaching others the Easy Babies path to family life.

The Gentling Way – how to look after their bodies at all stages of reproducing.

Especially when mums are expecting to ensure that the bonded loving happy outcome that they wish for, happens.

3 – As a practitioner wondering about everything on offer?


Below you will find something for everyone.

What is different about this?

It all works as we look after our own selves first and all through – The Gentling Way.

You can start with a ‘toe in the water’ and experience Self Care (everything starts there).

You may be very ‘birthie’ orientated or just want to know how to open the heart /pelvis connection (great for enhanced sexual expression)
If you are an acupuncture practitioner, or someone who understands Qi flows and wants to know more on meridians and how we can become more heartfully, the Transformative Healing package is for you.


Find out how you can heal yourself.