Do you wonder what is blocking your babies?

Let’s see BOTH of you as it takes two to make a family.

What else you could do on ‘a break’ from intensively TTGP?

(Trying To Get Pregnant)

I can cut the amount of time spent waiting down – especially by your NOT having to see me often – simply by correcting why the flows are not flowing for you. AND you taking up all the home self care that is part of my version of this ground breaking work.

Let’s start at the beginning
Restore perfect blood and lymph flows to your pelvis

Men also.  . .

I have been unique in fertility work in that I only see couples.
And I have a historical perspective as this has been a specialty of my career for over 35 years – since before IVF appeared in town. When babies – we had too many – too often and too close together – when men were dangerous to get too close to – regardless of the time of the month!!! Check the sperm decline out here!!!

So far all who seek my services, regardless of age and condition come away at least healthier – and most usually when they stick with my programme – parents.
Usually it is as much a sperm (thus his health) quality issue as any reason the medical model has told you is hers. .


Where to start . .

Let nature help you help heal
Deep (yet extremely gentle) visceral work .

If you find yourself NOT YET pregnant – I work to undo the stagnation/congestion that sits as you sit – on and in your ‘nether’ regions – ‘down there’. The resultant lymphatic mess is what all my work is about moving on.

Let your life flows flow!

Declutter – undo all your life residue
Reset – back to ‘factory’/original settings
Restore – your innate blueprint

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6 sessions and we likely transform your body/future