An explanation of who we are:

This is a continually changing picture – follow the gradual muddying and clearing that can happen.

Remember who and what you really are under all that busy ness . .

– and what you can do to help yourself become more of who you are.

Pause a moment and watch this sequence describing who we are:


Find out how to start your personal clearance process through using intention and light – Reunion – Healing Breath – MP3 tracks or the CD can be sourced from Heather, the creator – HERE

If this moves you . .

Look at this – absolutely lovely work.

Identification of the Soul

If you want to now more – please look to the Rainbow Bridge Phase 1

The Phase 2 is about then clearing your own Anatakarana.

Back to undoing your self . . Start with the Invocation of the Soul

Here is more – big things become possible quickly when we let go of the personality . .

Perhaps if you wish to go further – look at this
Enjoy – becoming more of who you were always to be in this here and now . .

You may also like to get this book = as it is another version.