General Detox and Zeolites

There is overwhelming evidence that our planet is not as pristine as it used to be. Even at the North Pole samples taken from under the polar ice cap show evidence of DDT and other toxic chemicals. We’re all exposed to toxins, but some people have greater exposure through their occupation, such as in the mining and agricultural industries. Some people’s working life is even cut short by the toxins they are exposed to at work.

Many studies confirm the toxic overload that is accumulation in our bodies.

Perhaps download this sheet on toxic metals and what may happen to you = and where you got this contamination from.

A recent study tested the following toxins in a group of 10 subjects:

  • the plasticising chemicals known as phthalates,
  • the flame retardants PBDEs,
  • the heavy metals: lead, arsenic, and mercury,
  • perfluorinated chemicals like those used to make Teflon,
  • pesticides, and
  • banned, but persistent, PCBs and DDT.

All 10 subjects showed the presence of 26 of the 39 toxins tested.
Mercury was found in all 10.

Mercury and what it may do for you . . .

These heavy metals and other toxins are killing us! How? They prevent the normal absorption of nutrients and thus create health problems hat seem insurmountable. Zeolites safely, easily remove these allowing normal to reassert itself – calmly, safely, easily. It is important to understand where they come from and how to minimise our exposure. It’s also important to know what we can do to rid our bodies of them.

What about in our own homes?

Chemical poisoning opportunities abound – and in our cars – everywhere we pick up what we can’t naturally release, so is stored – for later – and maybe bequeathed to baby – sperm/growing inside mum and through breast milk.

What hope do babies being born now have? Then it can be argued that three is not big – so whilst this study is of three – you do not really want to have you or your children be this loaded down. Everyone knows that their parents tried their best. I know my parents blithely threw all DDT and whatnot onto the fresh veggie garden plants growing (born and raised in NZ, the 1/4 acre home garden fed all). Up until the 1970’s all school paint by law had to be lead based – on all school buildings – and red lead was spread with grass seed to kill the sparrows . . . dust blowing anywhere – we would have soaked it all up. How to help your own precious children?

Is there a safe level of maternal mercury?
Should you be worried about the flu injections and all the mercury you have accumulated from these over the years? (And your mother’s inheritance of all her dental amalgams?)

Perhaps before making babies – clean out sperm generating cells – and mum as the ‘garden’ – she also could do with an overhaul to ensure absolute purity as possible. Breast milk toxicity can be safely undone – and whilst breastfeeding – as the toxins harmlessly are excreted via the urine and faces. .

Are chemicals in the body (esp of children) making us stupid??

If vaccinated, (more added heavy metals and junk within) get all the family on zeolites – and if any have health issues – at least rid the body of what is not helping and may well be the cause of all your woes – chemicals that never ever should have been inside you.

Many of us are taking nutritional supplements in an effort to improve our health. But are we getting the maximum benefit from them? Often the sites are already taken by chemicals that are non nutritive and sit there blocking your nutritional assimilation.

Auto immune disease – ASIA maybe?? Pull out thr Aluminium etc that have arrived via vaccination adjuvants . .

This is all redeemable – don’t lose hope!!

Undo the toxins that have messed the body up.

Activated liquid zeolites can safely and effectively remove these toxins and heavy metals from your body.

The steps

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The plastic bottles are ‘safe’ – I buy them as they do not break.

The extra capsules are wonderful if you are enhancing your immune system – cancer or any other chronic diseases. Start with the drops and next time – maybe buy the capsules/drops together – and maybe add in one of your family members – and ’under’ you – so you have both running at once. . . why would you not?

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