Life Recipe

Welcome . .

I know this may seem to be/is ‘too simple Heather’.

Almost all I say is . .
Please follow – it will revolutionise your life.
Start listening to that which is passed down . .

Through the ages – those who survived older and wiser .
Life experience – not ‘research is what is needed.

What a superstitious bunch we all have been turned into


Perhaps go with


1 – Breathing

This is not just about your chest moving in and out – do consider . . .
What is going in and how can it do the best for you?
(When your heart and lungs may be full of despair and grief)?

Posture – stand up
(Your lungs need the space to work)


Diaphragm – free flow in and what finished with – out

Not too cold


Amway Atmosphere (as seen in my clincial rooms)

Skipping rope – outside
Get your Qi flowing . .
See more here


Move your lymph – across your chest – gentle shallow moves initially – and gradually get more adventurous – you may feel your neck free up and maybe under your shoulder let go – it is all connected. .

Maybe see more in the Foundational Moves portion of the Self Care course?

Magnesium – you may NOT ‘need’ asthma relievers.
So much as undoing what is stopping normal breathing processes.

Clean air – not smoking
No cool breezes at night or working in – cold will mess with your ability to live
See more on COLD here:

Negative ions coming in


Ability to get it in Enjoyment – heart chakra.

2 – Hydration

Good quality water needed.
Any condition you have – lack of hydration
Clean and not too cold

I have a triple filtered reverse osmosis unit that I am paying off – it is under the sink – you have it whenever you are in the rooms.

This sorts out all fluoride and it puts back  .Ask me if interested – I no longer am spending money to throw away packaging  ..

Homeostasis – must be within the boundaries

2103water copy ? – 2 ½ – 3 litres – average sized body

Hungry? – maybe not – just body shrieking for more water . .
2104dehydration – especially a lot before eating

Purify it – perhaps contact these people  .  Great Water Filters
Not Cold – too cold ‘room temperature’

How much – not all in one sitting – not hungry – need to have the fluid to make digestive enzymes

Flushing out

Inflammation is inner Heat Stop the foods/fluids that convert internally to sugar

More you drink – more you will need to drink water.

We need the Life recipe – clean – not too cold – air and water. 




3 – Have to feel safe FIRST

Maybe not ever this way – from being in utero

Is your default setting (due to your mum’s early experiences)


We are so lucky – where is being grateful?
‘Not safe’ is likely/may mean inner – making the best of it – is not the body being happy.
Body can say NO very easily – smile instead of decking them

(When the Body Says No)

Most women who see me have had a fearful sexual incident at some point in their lives.
Sexual trauma? (What Lies Beneath?)
Still in your story

If you know what you are here to do – is it too hard?
Can’t necessarily be in survival mode.
Want to be part this (is more important than what goes in mouth)

You need to be able to digest – here is the likelihood of all the gut problems – you cannot stomach life.

Stuck Liver Qi

May not know where this unsafe came from.
Does not get better all by itself

4 – Sun, fresh air and exercise

Go outside for Sunlight – need to live well ..
We need Vit D3 that then allows our dietary fat to make hormones, to repair and to grow nerve cells and brain. We n
eed Vit D3 If not – a well life is not assured – you may well get cancer . .

Please go outside for fresh air.

Bush walks – in forests where water is falling

Alive and outside

Exercise (Gardening/growing your own food would cover all of this)

Being Mindful.
No gadgets . .

Action – After night meal and leave dishes – take some water and go out.

Take a companion – the family – nurturing relationships with kids spouse every night after meals . .

5 – Touch

We are primates

Bonds us – gives us oxytocin.

We all need something to love – and cats/dogs.

Humans were tribal.

Touching older people – and anyone – gives them joy.
Lots of hugs can’t hurt.


Life Prescription

  • 8 glasses water
  • 8 hugs
  • 3 good belly laughs.

Hug at the end of session

(Hugging tutorial as well . .)
Shoulders down, relax into it, breathe, feel, be present

Self massage.

More touch in life – and all flows.

Could go off in service of others – as we will be needful ourselves one day – pay it forwards? . .
Tending anything . .


6 – Why you are here?

Good question . . . have you ever wondered?

  • Something to do
  • Someone to love
  • Something to look forwards to

Love yourself?

Vocation – something you can’t not do . .
Whatever it is something that is lighting heart and filling heart with gladness . .
Looking after/service usually will help.

Meditation – undo the inner clutter

Maybe become more aligned.

Declutter Feng Shui – your inner and outer worlds.
Qi would flow – we maybe we would feel happier . .


7 – Sustenance

Top circle – your spiritual life

Reason to be here – soul script/soul purpose –

Middle circle – Personality/sense of Self –


Bottom circle biology – one aspect is what to eat?

(Covered my Self Care programme)

What roots the body to be on the planet
Fat, veggies, nothing cold or sweet –

Colour on your plate – Nourishing

Not so much at night

Give self sacred foods – very good quality

  • 9 cups of coloured veggies
  • Salt and fat
  • Ingredients to run a body

Sustenance is not JUST what goes in the mouth . .

Top – To be here to express soul script/purpose –  Needs you to be living well – in safety.

Sustenance – meditation – karmic connections. .

 Middle – relationships within your tribe – not getting on with ..

(Turn it into growth) what do we need still in our lives?

Bottom circle sustenance – what are you fueling your self/life with?

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