In these interesting times ..  Solid ground may appear if you look after yourself frst.

I know this may seem to be/is ‘too simple Heather’.   Almost all I say is . .
Please follow – it will revolutionise your life.
Start listening to that which is passed down . .

Through the ages – those who survived older and wiser .
Life experience – not ‘research is what is needed.

YOU are in charge of your health. Hoping to outsource? $$$$ not your well being  that is YOU.
Aging? In your head . . . attitude is all – and habits. Life affirming or are you living off the capital?

After 40 you will likely notice some ‘wear and tear’.  Is it time to Take Charge yet?

Perhaps go with

What causes health? What was behind the ‘elder’s wisdoms’?


1 – Breathing

This is not just about your chest moving in and out – do consider . . .
What is going in and how can it do the best for you?
(When your heart and lungs may be full of despair and grief)?

Posture – stand up
(Your lungs need the space to work)


Diaphragm – free flow in and what finished with – out

Not too cold – and clean – see what you can do about ionising and air filtration = as the solvents etc are quietly poisoning us.
then there is MOULD spores .. (maybe look to essential oils as oil of Thieves).
UPDATE – mask? Check out teh actual benefit of rebreathing the wastes your body wants gone.

Skipping rope – outside
Get your Qi flowing . .
See more here
https://heatherbrucehealing.com/self-massage1/ (CLICK)

Move your lymph – across your chest – gentle shallow moves initially – and gradually get more adventurous – you may feel your neck free up and maybe under your shoulder let go – it is all connected. .

Maybe see more in the Foundational Moves portion of the Self Care course (CLICK)?

Magnesium – you may NOT ‘need’ asthma relievers.
So much as undoing what is stopping normal breathing processes.

Clean air – not smoking
No cool breezes at night or working in – cold will mess with your ability to live
See more on COLD here:

Negative ions coming in – Quality air – love life.. . heart chakra happy?

There is more.  . . (CLICK).

2 – Hydration    

Good quality water needed.
Any condition you have – lack of hydration
Clean and not too cold
Maybe have a triple filtered reverse osmosis unit?
(If you are not able to have real water – alive)

Whatever you use – you MUST sort out all fluoride (CLICK)

2103water copy (CLICK) ? – 2 ½ – 3 litres – average sized body

Hungry? – maybe not – just body shrieking for more water . .
2104dehydration – especially a lot before eating

Purify it – perhaps contact these people
Not Cold – too cold ‘room temperature’

How much – not all in one sitting – not hungry – need to have the fluid to make digestive enzymes

Flushing out

Inflammation is inner Heat (CLICK) Stop the foods/fluids that convert internally to sugar

More you drink – more you will need to drink water.

We need the Life recipe – clean – not too cold – air and water. 


3 – Have to feel safe FIRST

Maybe not ever this way – from being in utero. AND of course – 2020 on – a gremlin will get us – NOT

(Do you remember being read ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’? The Emperors New Clothes? Chicken Little as a kid?

Cautionary tales it feels like now. AND if you, like me , were a Sci Fi tragic – all those dystopian novels .  ..

Welcome to the New World Order and New Speak. AND /BUT – you buy it?
Oh dear – what about – bodies are made for this. They when well can  clear out anything – and did well with SARS (1) – same now …

Is your default setting (due to your mum’s early experiences)



We are so lucky – where is being grateful?
‘Not safe’ is likely/may mean inner – making the best of it – is not the body being happy.
Body can say NO very easily – smile instead of decking them

When the Body Says No (CLICK)

Most women who see me have had a fearful sexual incident at some point in their lives.
Sexual trauma? What Lies Beneath? (CLICK)
Still in your story

If you know what you are here to do – is it too hard?
Can’t necessarily be in survival mode.
Want to be part this (is more important than what goes in mouth)

You need to be able to digest – here is the likelihood of all the gut problems – you cannot stomach life.

Stuck Liver Qi (Stressed CLICK) feeling hopeless, helpless and impotent – locked in/down/out will do it).

May not know where this ‘unsafe’ came from.
Does not get better all by itself

4 – Sun, fresh air and exercise

Go outside for Sunlight – need to live well ..
We need Vit D3 that then allows our dietary fat to make hormones (CLICK), to repair and to grow nerve cells and brain. We n
eed Vit D3 (CLICK) If not – a well life is not assured – you may well get cancer . .

Please go outside for fresh air.

Bush walks – in forests where water is falling.  Alive – outside

Exercise (Gardening/growing your own food would cover all of this)

Being Mindful.
No gadgets . .

Action – After night meal and leave dishes – take some water and go out.

Take a companion – the family – nurturing relationships with kids spouse every night after meals . .

5 – Touch

We are primates 

Bonds us – gives us oxytocin.

We all need something to love – and cats/dogs.

Humans were tribal.

Touching older people – and anyone – gives them joy.
Lots of hugs can’t hurt.

Life Prescription

  • 8 glasses water
  • 8 hugs
  • 3 good belly laughs.

Hug at the end of session

(Hugging tutorial as well . .)
Shoulders down, relax into it, breathe, feel, be present

Self massage (CLICK)

More touch in life – and all flows.

Could go off in service of others – as we will be needful ourselves one day – pay it forwards? . .
Tending anything . .

6 – Why you are here?

Good question . . . have you ever wondered?

  • Something to do
  • Someone to love
  • Something to look forwards to

Love yourself?

Vocation – something you can’t not do . .
Whatever it is something that is lighting heart and filling heart with gladness . .
Looking after/service usually will help.

Meditation (CLICK) – undo the inner clutter

Maybe become more aligned.

Declutter Feng Shui – your inner and outer worlds.
Qi would flow – we maybe we would feel happier . .

7 – Sustenance – what nourishes YOU?

Maybe again ask the question – “WHO am I”?

Top circle – your spiritual life
Who we actually ARE

Reason to be here – soul script/soul purpose

Middle circle – Personality

Sense of self –as in what we think.


Bottom circle biology – one aspect is what to eat? The usual question people think will save them – fueling – actually – also what happens when the food gets into the stomach – that is more important – CAN you digest it?

(Covered my Self Care programme (CLICK))

What roots the body to be on the planet
Fat, veggies, nothing cold (CLICK) or sweet –

Colour on your plate – Nourishing

Not so much at night

Give self sacred foods – very good quality

food folder (CLICK)  

  • 9 cups of coloured veggies
  • Salt and fat
  • Ingredients to run a body

Sustenance is not JUST what goes in the mouth . .

Top – To be here to express soul script/purpose –  Needs you to be living well – in safety.

Sustenance – meditation – karmic connections. .

 Middle – relationships within your tribe – not getting on with ..

(Turn it into growth) what do we need still in our lives?

Bottom circle sustenance – what are you fueling your self/life with?



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