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This work is also applicable at any stage of anyone’s life – for all bodily aches and pains – though written for pregnancy – a body is a body and these instructions whether to open the pelvis/ baby gate  – or to undo stress and release the chest – are true for any age or stage of life.

My aim:

Empowering pregnant couples with what will make them feel comfortable and happy as they travel towards parenthood. These charts are the result of my multi modality/lineage clinical findings and personal maternal experiences.As a natural health care and mammalian birth keeper I know that natural is easy when we are aligned.

Who are you?

Obviously interested in this work – and . . .  maybe are also an acupuncturist or a body worker: a midwife/doula and/or  a pregnant mum or dad – or someone who is deeply concerned as to how we got to where the C section rates (prior to where medicine was shaken to its core – Covid-19)  . . .we may need to


As mammals, birth is second nature – we are mated, we grow a baby, we birth and feed the bub,. Simple.

Could be. Should be. BUT often – the STUCK in horror of the maternal carnage, acquiring PTSD and ‘never being the same since’ is lodged in every level of her being. Birthing trauma. Maybe never leaves her. Defines not only who she now is – but the relationship she has with her new bub – her man, her body, her life from then on. ENOUGH!!!

I wrote the way out for couples. .   What Dads Can Do (CLICK)

Being baby centred, I know that my actual ‘patient’ is always the new one arriving. They have called me in. To help their parents actually get more real.  If we do not get this right – see the line above – an unhappy mum is covering TWO THIRDS of the impact of the life of the baby . .forever after messing with their life.

Suicides in new mums, their rates of antidepressant and anti psychotic usage -their inability to breatfeed as nature expects, their lack of support through the entire process of new motherhood – on all levels – and the complete rejection of the modern dad’s role as her protector. .

Where does this come from?

My deep convection that we are designed for easy. If not – we need to return to balance.

Flows most flow

As a maternally inspired seeker of truth for my newborn – I commenced my acupuncture study with my then 6 week old son. This evolved into my convoluted path into all vibrational, soul centred, structural, herbal and energy avenues that came my way. My intention – alleviate suffering for all. Aided by many of my own life adventures, (into maternity 4 times in 18 years) I revisited personally what I had been dispensing in clinic and in teaching acupuncturists at all levels of study/competence.

My life work of helping women naturally through their pregnancy journey (from 1979), the development of the WDCD body of work (2005), to the launching of the opening the baby gate site (2019).  A large factor was the truth imparted by two elderly acupuncture giants in my early student/clinical years. Dr John Shen – see more here (CLICK). 

Impact of influences on a person’s life

That first third on this line is when we are making the foundation forever after in that body/life of another person. Not in fear – but in love and as the blueprint naturally unfolding is how we would wish to have been made. We remake ourselves as baby incubators whilst baby is developing – meaning that we can enhance or wreck ourselves – forever after – by following nature – or willfully ignoring what is being told to us by the body. Not ‘symptoms’ but cries for help.

Our choice – to live in fear or in wonder . .

Lineage – elders show us the way

NOTE – This work is NOT copyrighted.

Life unfolding is. Medical scope of practice is death avoidance. All traditional cultures, a until fee for service and multi national pharma collaborations with governments to keep all enslaved and in control. This is NOT mammalian maternity.  In all my work, we are enhancing normal – life lived as designed. THIS IS NOT MEDICAL but LIFE

As with my manual – What Dads Can Do (CLICK)  – I ask that you cite the source information. In these charts I use my linear representation of life as we know it. The extreme left – here we are used to reading from – shows the more vibrationary/’esoteric’/energy or spirit based side of the deal – where the instructions are actually coming form. This is not how you may be used to thinking – maybe start from the extreme RIGHT and work back – I am showing of how it is all set up.

There are videos and the eVersion of my manual available here
These cheat sheets/easy reference charts are simple to use – and always work.

You may be at the end of your pregnancy  . . and want to make life and baby exit easy . .
You may support those who are . .

Alert – this is NOT medical – but life advice . .

From my decades of hands-on and experiential learning.

You will find graphic instructions on how to alleviate any warnings your body is showing, to prepare you body for an easy birth:

I have written these to shown how we cause/create our own realities

SAFE birth is one where nature wins – and the primal hormonal template is intact.

Your life – is your responsibility – back to the ‘old days’ where the farmers were more likely to know what to do.
(They needed the mum intact and the baby in the best condition possible – as Nature decreed  survival and the fittest – and the breeding was assured by selecting out those who had had troubles before – here we UNDO why/how these troubles/challenges may appear.

My focus – baby centred birthing for an easy bonded life thereafter with a happy mum. In the past – this was just known. The body remembers everything that has ever happened to it. It alerts us – with warnings. These may become ever more insistent until we pay attention. Realignment – structural, and with your soul purpose – and with the ways of nature will be easiest . . Let us undo what may be caught up in your tissues. Blocking flow sand may easy baby exit.

There are the online courses alone – gain new tools to instantly transform what you have been doing.
I am easy to find on the links from this page. The moves are further explained/demonstrated in the videos in the What Dads Can Do package (CLICK) and snippets appear on the fingertip rescues site (CLICK).  Maybe begin there?

Do download and print and pop in a plastic sleeved folder – hand out everywhere – it ALL WORKS   

Natural Birthing-Baby (CLICK all these to DOWNLOAD)When we focus on Lotus Birth – or Mammalian Maternity – the entire story shifts (CLICK).
Not about us/beliefs or hospital policies – when we let life flow – the Bell curve we all fall into somewhere then asserts itself.

Natural Birthing-intact bonding (CLICK) Setting up Easy Birthing (CLICK) Easy Birthing process (CLICK) Easy Birthing mechanics (CLICK) See more on this site (CLICK) .. . (Fingertip-rescues)

Easy Birthing Preparation Action:

Want a gentle birth (CLICK) for your first meeting of your new loved one?

If we lived naturally likely none of this would be needed plus we would have been making babies a lot earlier – (minus birth control) and we would have been living as nature intended – survival of the fittest- and those who were not up to it – failed).

For the reality we live in – I have merged ancient women’s ways of knowing, my own 40+ years of supporting when medicine has either failed – or had no clue and cobbled together what I know always works . .to restore what is needed for ease of the next stage -0wheavatever that looks like to the participants – and sometimes the unexpected pops in – here we clear the way. All I have written in the resources actually works – we undo WHY things are not aligned – and life flows again.

A quick run around the birthing body (CLICK)

Baby Exit Made Easy (CLICK)

Even if you are booked in for a C section – please – do the work – healing will be so much easier.

Easy Birth Prep (CLICK)

Easy Early Labour (CLICK)Easy Late Labour (CLICK)

Difficult Late Labour (CLICK)

Safer third stage

Messing with natural

Induction-forceful-medical expectations (CLICK)If you must . . .

Gentling the process – remembering baby comes when s/he is ready to meet you – and to start independent life

Induction-hastening cervical ripening (CLICK)  If there is an apparent ‘complication’ – baby is in a considered awkward presentation – perhaps – look to why – rather than going straight to worry and reactivity? One acupuncturist tried my way and had consecutive 26 of 28 breeches turn to be b0rn easily – no little toe moxa needed – maybe start at the beginning?

Breech – a question that needs asking – and answering – why?

Breech -lateral-non-optimal lies (CLICK)

What fuels us – so we can be victorious plus in all other endeavours?
Especially in baby making and us staying sane/body intact and happily living well afterwards?

Digestion – Life Support

How a well body works & breaks down (CLICK)

Normal gut function (CLICK) Cold is never your friend – it wastes your metabolism/protective energy and weakens your connective tissue. Think prolapses, incontinence, babies falling out, coming early, haemorrhoids, varisocities anywhere and bleeding out of turn. Plus diarrhorea/gut upsets.

How the Spleen Qi lets go (CLICK)

Morning Sickness-PNV-Hyperemesis1 (CLICK)

Morning Sickness-PNV-Hyperemesis2 (CLICK)

Morning Sickness-PNV-Hyperemesis3 (CLICK)

PAIN? – flows not flowing well . .

Carpal Tunnel Relief (CLICK)As with all of this – the Liver energy (CLICK) must be clear. Maybe look to this footage first (CLICK) . .

Pregnancy Back Pain Solutions (CLICK) 

Pregnancy Pelvic-Pubic Pain (CLICK)

At any time . . . 

More support – more touch – whatever newborn bub needs – mums needs herself to be able to give.

Easy mammalian baby nourishing/lactation

Also see my dedicated site for more (easybreasts) (CLICK)

Also here (CLICK) (Easybabies – breastfeeding)

If your Blood energy is not supported – how can you make milk- and have it flow?

See more here (CLICK) (from the fingertip rescues site)

Bring in-build up milk supply (CLICK)

Build up Milk supply (CLICK)

Acute Mastitis (CLICK)

Should not happen – invasion of cold at any stage, being distressed, not feeling supported, and having lees resources than you need – especially sleep – will contribute. As will lack of bio available ingredients –

See more on this page (CLICK)

Chronic? Troubles not covered here? These are the beginnings.

This is a taster of what may turn all you ‘believe’ to be around?
Maybe see more here in living in a well body?
Need to go to where the real healing is – within.

The online courses (CLICK) may really make such a difference.

There is always more with me

1 – You may be able to negotiate what I have here without more assistance

2 – You may wish to know more – please consider reaching to my 40+ year of multi modality/multi lineage maternally inspired.

I am offering online courses as this work is super easy.

After supporting the graduates at various stages along my Living Ligaments work I will open the programme up to all – with the understanding that it may always need to be online.

Please do not wait for my hands to arrive to show you experientially.
That advantage may be over . . .
I worked this all myself – having traveled through time and around the world to do so.

We will be always better with more new ideas/passion filled connections than awaiting perfect!!

Do reach out . . .

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