The Bladder Project


To where life may become a whole lot easier

  • Is there always an awareness of ‘needing to go’?
  • Is there pain ‘down there’?
  • Do you drip, hurt?
  • can’t completely empty (void)?
  • feel as though there is always more?
  • have to get up and down to pee always?
  • Up and down to pee at night?
  • Is there pain?
  • burning?
  • urgency?
  • Sex – out of the question
  • no one knowing what to do once they have given you a ‘diagnosis’?

BUT you are still in that mess?

Relief – is what you are after.  .

How to make ‘it’ all go away

So you do not have to ever think abut this basic body function ever again.

It is supposed to just work.

What may this help?

  • Acute and chronic pelvic pain
  • Acute and chronic bladder infections/cystitis
  • Acute and chronic incontinence,
  • Bed wetting
  • Dribbling
  • insufficient flows,
  • Frequency
  • Retention of urine,
  • and never feeling ‘normal’/clear ‘down there’.


Terms . .

Cyst . . . .in this case meaning bladder. Cystitis
Acute – is an instant, recent – right now problem

‘Chronic’ been going on for a while
Severe – very bad (‘minor’ is when it is a distraction/nuisance – and as it is not going to kill you YET it could be diabolically affecting your life – and who cares? Medically – it has to get past a certain point before anyone around you does.

Pelvic pain – pain anywhere is flow blocked.

Congestion – the 5 flows are not able to flow.
We need to undo what not, so they flow again, restoring the is automatic body function back to easy again.

MEN And women . . and children . .

Circulation and nutrients not perfect – let us fix this . .

The very beginnings of life had all mammals with their undifferentiated parts.

As a fetus within mum – at about 7-8 weeks gestation –

If it is it be a boy growing within . . the would be womanly bits are deviated into being male.  

The uterus became a prostate gland
The clitoris became a penis

The ovaries to be became testicles.

Prostatitis – how come?

Women get endometriosis and a bunch of other inflammatory conditions – he does to.
in response to exactly the same triggers.

The following are common CHRONIC PELVIC PAIN SYNDROME symptoms.

Do you feel pain in any of the following places? You might be suffering from CPPS. – chronic pelvic pain syndrome

  • Urethra (internal to the penis)
  • Tip of Penis
  • Base of Penis
  • Shaft of Penis (external to the penis)
  • Rectum
  • Inner thighs
  • Testicles
  • Perineum (surface discomfort)
  • Prostate (felt as pain higher than the perineum [deeper, internal pain])
  • Above the Pubic Bone (between the pubic bone and belly button)
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Pubic Bone
  • Increased urinary frequency
  • Increased nocturnal urinary frequency
  • Pain upon ejaculation
  • Erectile Dysfunction

The tale of 3 Bladders

3 men – and three very messed up situations – all repaired gradually even though they were considered ‘hopeless’ by the medical profession. Older men and in desperate situations.

Men – in the beginning – The uterus became a prostate gland


Anything that upsets a uterus also upsets a prostate gland

We can help ourselves . . so easy – return the flows to as they were designed.
Pull out what is blocking normal.
Add in what will assist the life enhancement.


you fix the ‘breaking down’ unit (and more importantly – why – yourself.

Men – please look after yourselves (or them) if you are woman reading this as they are a large part of our world . .

Please see more here and here

Five systems of flows?
What are they . .?

Good question . . not often asked – especially not by medical specialists.

  • Qi
  • Blood – arterial (away from the heart) and venous (back to the heart for oxygenation)
  • Lymph
  • Nerves

What is lymph?

An essential rubbish system that allows fluids to leak out of the blood, collect bits that need cleansing and take them to where they can (lymph ones) before coming back to the blood system again.


Relax and breath release the fears and worries and relinquish control –

As you have none when you argue with your structure and body functions.

We all need to have our organs where they were meant to be.
Structure determines function!

Let us look at where your (women’s) bits are supposed to be . .

Pink bit – your uterus Tan bit – your bladder.
All is good if your womb (uterus) is positioned appropriately.
Not so helpful if she is in a non standard spot – as any incident /accident can change this= until you see someone who can return all to perfect – and this is NOT a small issue – as the ligaments and the adhesions and the tissues all are being held hostage – we need to undo gradually in sequence – this is why The Gentling Way practitioners work as they do – slowly, respectfully and in intensives – as this way we delve into what is keeping the problem ‘online’ instead of skimming the surface giving possibly temporary relief .

What sits where

And where they may be . . –
And what to do about it.

Find someone who can help.
That maybe yourself.
Armed with organic castor oil, a set of perineal steaming information and your own hands (after you have see what is so simple – you will be able to help yourself right now).

What to do . .

1 – Get safe intimate care products – especially the men – to use as a healing strip – inside your underpants – not as a drip catcher – but as a way to get more healing ‘down there’. Incidentally – no smells if dripping is happening as that will absorb – and the negative ion patch means no bacteria to start up home there.

2 – Follow the moves found here

Life Recipe

This is so simple and easy – and so gentle.
We start by allowing your lymph to start flowing again.

You need to have the ingredients of life above for this to work well – starting with breathing to move and water to cool/nurture/flush and you to feel safe enough to be here – look into this – as it is well before what you eat ..

Your choice – pain – or – health?

Loosely by following the Life Recipe

Raison d’etre

Nourishment – Soul – Heart – Body


3 – Get the online instantly available course and sort yourself out.

Self help

Self Massage


There is more ..

Pulling OUT the cold that is stored and messing with normal . .

Cupping the cold out (in pregnancy)

Causes of dis ease  

Body’s inability to adapt to what is happening

Ask – what is weakening my life energy?
And correct this

How do we know this is a factor?

All traditional societies (‘primitive’) knew that the emotional states and the health of a tribe depended on story telling/different sense being mad e of – and took steps to allow some from of philosophy to be the answer – and religious beliefs being tribal – seem odd to others.
But – sense can be made of what happens – and the stories allow people hope and context.

Why mention here?
We have in the modern world adopted what is a story – that we need ‘help’ to live – but those who do not know what to do to allow nature to flourish In times past the oral traditions of a culture had everyone with the same ‘programme’ – what to eat when to plant certain crops (or there was no food) and so on.

Lost in time denounced as ‘old wives’ tales’ the new way is to seek an answer from those whose services and goods are for sale.
Whether needed or not – the loudest voice has won.
This leaves you in an invidious position – what to do – who to believe?
Using a different model than the one that is not working may help.

Maybe question ‘authority’?
Step outside the beliefs that bind you a minute ans see if congruence can be found elsewhere.
After listening to ’causes of disease’ please listen to the tale of 3 bladders.
As these are men’s stories their uterus (prostate) is also involved.
Be also aware than few men get out from life without a prostate problem in our world now.
This is not as designed.

Their bits get as damaged from the modern estrogenic crisis (as shown by Rachel Carson in Silent Spring in 1962 as ours.

Tale of 3 Bladders

All too hard?
Do have to pee – and no thought to this part of your body – till it has had enough and lets you know . .

What can I do to help myself?

Go to P.A.C.E. and then do a simple muscle test of on yourself – when you are thinking of what  upsets you – or believing in some negative thought form -or expectation of those who do not know about heath –  (not their scope of practice) but death avoidance – you can feel yourself what happens – all your fuses ‘blow’.

Please listen –  Causes of Disease 12 minutes

As the bio- medical world is fascinated/hooked on stopping people dying – as opposed to following nature and returning health – and ensuring all factors that may get in the way of this are removed, we have severe deficiencies in practical useful information.

Look at your own Life recipe – are you ‘in synch’ with your body?

Life Recipe

I suggest that you take stock of your life

Ask yourself – what do I want?
Is what  am doing helping to get there?
If not – you may need to choose to change.

Why self tending/self care?

Take your self help course – and begin to know yourself and what YOU can do to help yourself and those you love.


Do you have pain?
Regardless of the medical label (usually naming the bits that has the ‘problem’ and what it is – ‘itis’ means inflammation ‘algia‘ mean pain


See about what you can do here

Self Care Package

Already you know so much more from exploring what I have here.

Education empowers you – you will know more than maybe those tasked to ‘help’.
This may put you in a tricky spot – all around you will not want to question as you have.
Change – brings on healing.

What is it that YOU want?
To be comfortable in your body – not listening to warnings for long enough has lead you to here.

Ignorance is NOT bliss. .
You do need to know so much more . . .sign up to know more.

Simple, natural solutions . .