Your choice – pain – or – health?

Warning – You may need to change what you are doing


Your Life

Your Hands
Your Responsibility

Maybe also look at the Life Recipe (CLICK) I devised to help us check off why else we may not be healing /enjoying living.


Beginnings – Qi HAS to flow . . .

Breath has to happen – and very well – let us help this process for life to be so much easier

We are not JUST a physical vehicle – need the flows (and Qi) to flow

Why this flowing business is so very important – it allows life to happen

This is a very different way of looking at life – though practical and common sense . .

You can focus on the pain in your knee . . or why it is not healing . .

I mentioned P.A.C.E. – and undoing your own Freeze (CLICK) /Frozen – LET IT GO . . ways . .

Perineal pull-up – to check what you are doing with your central Qi

What is this?

A diagrammatic representation of what is happening in the energy fields.

In your chest – called the ‘Upper Heater’ in acupuncture.

The yellow swirls represent the chakras.

The cooking pit – your stomach – sending (blue clouds) mists of pure Qi up to be utilised in the organs of the heart and lungs.

(First acupuncture point on the channels on the outside of the body to receive this is Lung 1 – as mentioned in the video). These are shown as arrows – orange for Lung I and red for the Heart meridian/channel of energy

After breathing – next most important aspect – hydration.

To flush yourself out. Please also read these articles . .

2103water copy (CLICK to download)

2104dehydration (CLICK to download)

You can heal yourself by adding in water – pure, lots and drunk in conjunction with salt (coloured).

Ideally body temperature – never chilled (CLICK)  – you DO NOT WANT to put out your digestive fire.

No halides please – we want our metabolism to work

To cleanse you – water is not to be contaminated. .
Please be careful – a little fluoride is never useful and big doses – it is treacherous for your thyroid and for all metabolism and water balance (and lymph = Damp/Phlegm in acupuncture speak).

Iodine (CLICK) . . this needs to be abundant in your life – although a micro nutrient . .More info here (CLICK)

What is in there?

The cooking pot – your digestive beginnings.

The fire underneath – what you do not want to put out with cold/chilled/raw foods/fluids.
Silly idea – you do not try to bake a cake with the temperature less than advised – or the oven door ajar . .
Coins? The inner wealth (Jing Stored through sensible living.
Your body is only as good as your gut and the Jing stored.

Becoming ‘handy’

There is a beginning – after my 45 years of hands-on energy discoveries – regardless of your age/’condition’ and what you would wish to improve – starting with where you live – now and with me on hand – may be the beginning of real change.

Let us mother you together!
Bodies heal . . Given half a chance . .

Lymph – needs to move – this is your rubbish disposal system . .

Moving onto your hands – always there for you . . .

To soothe and calm you . .


Covering such apparently out there thoughts from ‘long ago’ – in your life as . . Cord blood issues. .

See more on birth and pre birth trauma (CLICK) – this often runs us.

We all see to carry trauma/shock from before we were conscious – especially in utero and /or birth /very early life – what drives us – not feeling SAFE and we need to breath – and again – what happened at our first breath?

Was it safe to BE here at all?
Maybe why you have never been happy – cup not filled way back when . .

Hence many want to ‘rescue’ the world – especially those now as ‘healers’.
Possibly look at the Life Rescue course (free  CLICK).


Do what you resist the most .. .
You do need your 5 systems of flow actually flowing

P.A.C.E. – maybe do this first (CLICK)?

We also may need to recognise the fact of the Reichian armour bands – please take this opportunity to take the Life Rescue course whilst it is offered – you will have so many more tools to use to help yourself and those you love with this.

The junction between the Upper and the Middle Heaters – to allow the viscera to actually work – with sufficient room to do so.

This is such a gift – you can give to yourself whenever you feel to . .

Always work clockwise . .


The yellow circles – chakras

Coins – inner wealth (Jing)

Red arrows – direction of the contents of the gut

You can see the organs that you are playing above

Peristalsis always clockwise



A small run around your body – no doubt you feel so much better!

If you were aware of the pain markers before – how are you now?
Is the ‘pull up’ easier?
If you were looking at your tongue – it is likely very much cleaner/more normal looking.
Body and belly feeling???

Web poster – Initial Belly Care (CLICK to download)

There is more . .

A run around the meridians, and how your uterus is placed (CLICK)

Enjoy – loving yourself better!

Totally you choice!!!