Sphincter of Oddi

Welcome to where I sincerely hope you find some help


Never having heard of this before in 40 years of ‘safety net’ practice means that I said – of course I can help – and did!

Sphincter of Oddi – Some questions that may need answering:

What is pain?
A warning of blockage of flows. .
What can the body do but scream at you when it needs help?

Where do you go for help?
Ideally where the answers are likely to be found.


Start here – calm and soothe yourself

What you do not have . . .


Start here – as cramps/spasms are due to a lack of this .  . .

Foot spa


Liquid Activated Zeolites – to pullout of your cells/body what is blocking the assimilation of the nutrients ingested
Baths – MSM and Himalayan salt alternating with  Epsom salts and MSM

Periods, gut function and emotions –  . . All of your body is involved . .

Let us take a quick look at Free Flowing – as your body is not for you to be in pain . . .

The Liver (energy) lines of flow . . .

When Liver energy flows well: there is no disruption to anything in the body.

There is no pain – all happy

When it is NOT flowing . . .

All that flows – means no pain . .
Liver Qi is not happy – as you have the condition of blockage in your belly – and it will ‘leak’ into all that is you ..
See more in the adhesions section – coming soon!  Pink  uterus. Tan – bladder

Get out of the cycle . .

Use your hands and lose the need for the drugs.



What a liver looks like when stuck to the surrounding tissues.  .


On the right – after C section – if you have been through this also . .

Organs can no longer move .


Totally messing with the way a body feels and works . .


There are so many solutions – medically – surgery to create more adhesions – whilst getting rid of what is currently there may seem like a waste of time – though it may make life more comfy.

As an acupuncture worker over decades I know that using our own hands – and gently freeing what needs a soothing touch is best – and hence suggest the simple solutions here.

Castor oil is one such.

Perineal steaming another.

May sound odd as this culture is not prone to offering home help – as ‘fee for service’ is a retail industry.
You need prevention of further mishaps – not numbing so you can’t feel!

Try these solutions
They all work and all are safe simple and reliably effective.

Avoid all cold – and take out what is stored in your body . .

Look at yourself as a whole being . .

The acupuncture model works best when you see it as the electrics . .

Up until now you may only have seen yourself as a collection of bits – not so!!!

When your Liver energy is not happy – nothing is

Ideas – and thought/vision

Emotions – all the ‘hormonal’ ups and downs

Gut – in all aspects

Gyne – all Blood storage and circulation affected

Structural – musculo skeletal pain and inflexibility

Pain – aches and feeling ‘full’

Flows not flowing all then mess with

Anything worse with ‘stress’ – that is your Qi stuck further.  . .

EVERYTHING is better when it flows 


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Your choice – pain – or – health?