Your belly – your life



Healing (change) is up to you . .
Let us start with your belly – your engine/food factory


Your hands – your belly – your womb – your periods – your life

Maybe watch both of these first . .

THEN get started . .

Explaining the perineal clench – and where my womb is not.

Why is the uterus being in the right place important?

Same as for a wheel – the hub is the centre  . . .
When not centred  in trouble – off kilter.
And for men – their uterus’? (Prostate)
All must flow – and when it can’t – big trouble.  .
This is mind blowingly simple – all structural – eg rotated pelvis then is corrected – and all lymph/body/ovarian function – returns to as it was always to be.

Online Self Help – fix it yourself . .

So simple – to massively improve your health and love life!

Pain – begone!

More for you on this page .


Clarity will follow