Womb work – centering a woman’s body

Womb Woes?
Let us move onto Womb Wonders

“If a woman’s uterus is out of balance, so is she,” Don Elijio Ponti

(The shaman/healer who taught Dr Rosita Arvigo what she then grew into the Arivgo work).

Upon which a lot of  what I now use is based.

Normal positioning – the womb lies over – not resting on – the bladder. The ligaments that anchor the viscera to the structures are to be supple and able to have a little ‘give’ but essentially hold the pelvis and its contents steady.

Happy wombs mean happy women

So very often women are told ‘it is normal’ – to have the uterus out of position, pulling or lying and/or being attached to other pasts of the viscera, organs and surrounding tissues.

Pulling the ligaments that bind her.
Giving grief that is seen to be ‘normal’.

Why don’t we Break Free?

There is so much we could know about how to assist the centre of your being

Advanced Channel Applications – Touch Therapy

My years as an Arvigo Self Care teacher melded with my being a Mercier trained worker on top of my decades of teaching others Moving Blockages and all the moves I picked up around this . . . plus my decades of teaching advanced (hard cases) acupuncture bring us into the actual structure and the possibility of YOUR being a gyno-visceral worker. I find that I can do a vastly better job than anyone I have outsourced/referred patients to in the past 4 decades.

I am using all the levels of being at once – hence my intensives. pelvis and organ/uterine mal-poisitioning – than they do. We can assist Qi to flow . . through the physical body. Through a senior acupuncture consultant/lecturer’s eyes.
Gifts from my clinic – and from all over the world.

Simple natural – it all works

I invite you to join me. . .


Causes of disease – not paying attention

Q – How did the body break down?

What does looking after ourselves mean?
Life Recipe . .

Life Recipe

Will needle and herbs do it all?
Do we want to feel better about working and being in our own bodies?

What IS in the centre of our bodies?

Women’s sacrum has a hinge – who knew?

Introducing – how the meridians and points all explain what is stuck in the structure – like adhesions!!!

Broad Ligament

From my being taught acupuncture by a chiropractor, and an osteopath and having always worked with my hands moving lymph – always undoing pain and trauma when nothing else seems to have – by being a multi modality worker – I have discovered how to release trauma and pain . ..  . An amazing example . . Bl 23 – and the answer to all structural problems – and most period pain  .how it happens – uterus mis-positioned

Showing where the ovarian suspensory ligament inserts

Who knew?
The womb is our centre

The space she was in – and/or the prostate – is his uterus. . all central to life – the Dan Tian .

What is blocking healing/ holding your body hostage?

Once we know this answer (and even think to ask this question) then we have a starting point into actually FIXING what is happening.

If you would like go learn more.

There are any trajectories . .

The process of becoming a Gentling Way practitioner –

It is best to experience this magical work


Online acupuncture (bridging from TCM to meridian based – and clearing out shock/trauma /cold and clearing meridians of all residue – not only physical scarring  ..

Holistic multi modality care – from an excellent vantage point – acupuncture theory translated onto practice – hands on. Always heartfully.

Start with yourself.
Plus in the Foundational Moves as a gem of an entire process – start to finish on one man.

You get to see how adding needles can only help . .

Self Care Package

And /or

My online maternity work collated over the past 25 years of videos and resources

Or just get the resources that are in eBook and video and manual format . .

An example.



Post C section healing – essential – clear Stuck Belly Blood. .  .

(This was Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai – heart and womb space for doulas)

FREEEEEEE  yourself     



See you there!