Building a baby – the sensible approach


Practical Pregnancy Project

Nourishing better babies naturally

Introduction to my maternity as my acupuncture/healing professional worlds merged.

  • Holistic – we are all part of the world and all affects us
  • Multi modality – always through the natural world filters
  • Tranformationative – we return the blueprint, undoing what is blocking the body healing
  • Energy – using all forms of instructions that tell the
  • Body – what and how to work
  • Mechanic – needed – structure determines function

Resources available (CLICK)

Filmed at the end of 2019 – still applies

The way of Nature – and farmers/gardeners . .

Housekeeping (get water and look after the body YOU are in)

Raison d’etre
Nourishment – soul, heat and body
Life Recipe see here (CLICK)

Always always always follow nature

A different way of seeing being here

What is HEALTH?
What are we here for?
Is this for you? Philosophical?
(Maybe I am not your person if you are dogmatic and need linear learning . . life is not).

This paradigm fits life –  makes explaining anything easier . .

A life of duality – physical and electric

  • Making the best baby possible . . . follow life
  • We are NOT medical workers – but life experts

How do we intend to end up?
(Whether we are building a cake or a house or a baby)

Ingredients – nutrients
Method – what we do with them . .

  • We need to do this with any body/health issue – and definitely with making babies
  • Ideally – we focus on sustainability – and ease of project planned.
  • Do not break the mother – baby bond . .
  • I am that mother – of a massively brain injured/profoundly vaxx damaged autistic adult daughter.
    THUS – what we do not want – I know how to rescue from this (as a mum/who needs to know) also.

Pregnancy – just happens – when we are well

Structure Determines Function – foundations FIRST

I have a very different slant on this.
Based on the central American/ midwivery traditions – there is layer upon layer of my understandings going in to this project – on top of my having been taught acupuncture by a chiropractor – with kinesiology and naturopathy, western herbs and vibrational medicnes.

Follow Nature – bodies are designed to make babies perfectly – let us get back to the template.
For the baby’s sake – and all of us as we a tribe need the best we can be.

‘Fertility’ challenges? ‘High Risk’ pregnancy?

Answering – what is getting in the way?

Where next?

Online – here is how. . Resources available (CLICK)

(It ALL works and will lead you into actually FIXING things .. . )

You may be mostly interested in pregnancy – or you may want to start there.

(This is a component of the Transformative Healing package)

Building a baby (the sensible approach)

Transformative Healing – the whole package – segue from TCM to my world of multi modality energy body work

Building a better world of bonded parents . . sustainable humanity