Building a baby – the sensible approach


Practical Pregnancy Project

Introduction to my maternity as my acupuncture/healing professional worlds merged.

Multi modality – always through the natural world filters

The way of Nature – and farmers/gardeners . .

Always always always follow nature


A different way of seeing being here.

This makes explaining anything easier . .

A life of duality – physical and electric

We are NOT medical workers – but life experts

How do we intend to end up?
(Whether we are building a cake or a house or a baby)

Ingredients – nutrients
Method – what we do with them . .

We need to do this with any body/health issue – and definitely with making babies

Do not break the mother- baby bond . .

Pregnancy – just happens – when we are well

Where next?

Online – here is how. .

The resources kit?

You may be mostly interested in pregnancy – or you  may want to start there.

(This is a component of the Transformative Healing package)

Pregnancy Through the Energy Lens

Transformative Healing – the whole package – seque from TCM to the world of multi modality energy body work


Transformative Healing – Course Outline

Building a better world of bonded parents . . sustainable humanity