Pain – why and how to relieve


You may not know . .  .

Pain is a warning . .

You can FIX IT!


You should not have ANY pain when pregnant – or ever . . 

Need good ingredients and the circulation able to circulates designed . .

Investigate cold and why it is a BAD idea . .and why you may well be in pain – stops circulation. Also messes with your gut


Avoid all cold exposure – as all elder’s wisdoms tell us

Cold causes contraction – blocks the flows that run your body well.

5 Systems of Flows

Qi see more here

Blood energy is different but an aspect of this is the actual blood that runs in your arteries and veins ..
Blood – (arterial – going out enriched from the heart and venous – going back to the heart)

Lymph –  a system of fluid flow remove the extras that accumulate outside the blood system and be returned cleansed.

Nerves – your ‘electrics’ in physical form – one way that the body is able to communicate with itself

Cup out the cold: Reset Your Metabolism

This information is presented differently in the Self Care package – as part of the Foundational Moves.

This may be THE reason that mastitis, over bleeding, not getting pregnant or being able to stay pregnant the distance are happening.

Reset Your Metabolism fast track

You need warmth to allow your Yang Qi (metabolism ) to function.
NEVER EVER use cold – regardless of the medical directives – it stops circulation.

ICE – cold is not a mother’s friend – see here.

The magic Three – Magnesium, Moxa and Massage

Back painCases from my 2012 article here

Magnesium – as my three helpers above ..
Faja see here

Mum’s organs shift in pregnancy . .

As they are designed to

IF there is pre-existing adhesions and especially after operations and past accidents/incidents – you can expect eh body needs more ingredients to help itself heal at this time.

Bodily distress is a warning
Ask yourself – what do I need to do to assist this?

(Bodies heal /repair themselves when they have everything that they need – and REST).


Is it necessary to experience BACK pain in pregnancy?
NO – easy answers here

Likely ovarian suspensory ligament is being pulled unevenly as your uterus was not before pregnancy – aligned centrally – and can be. Few people know this – I did not until I went through the Maya training –  see one of my graduates Gentling Way practitioners. If you can’t – an Arvigo practitioner may be helpful – plus you yourself  must follow all on this chart and in my resources.  We are skilled at multi modality answers .. The Gentling Way

How to help yourself – the three ‘M’s – moxa, magnesium and massage


Pubic/Pelvic Pain

An example of how easy this can be . .

What I did – moxa on ginger slice on her sacrum PLUS the Stuck Liver Qi Release.

And how to use moxa – demonstrating with a whiteboard marker

NEVER cold or ice added onto the body – fix the problem.

Stuck Liver Qi Release

Move all the Qi and Lymph

Gall Bladder energy lines


It all helps . .
Gently at any stage of the pregnancy – loosen of what is being held in your physical body – when it all flows – no pain . .




Pain in the Upper body

See my personally trained Gentling Way practitioners – or inquire how you can too – become a well rounded multi modality transformative energy body worker – as all my 40 years + are on offer.

Gua Sha is part of the Self Care online instantly downloadable package – the Foundational Moves section – entire helping others as well as yourself (in the Healing Power of Touch – belly moves).

How come no one else knows/says this?

The medical scope of practice – is death avoidance. Their job is NOT life and NOT how to enhance quality of life

Flexnor Report – a report on this here – and here.

Herbs – all cultures had oral traditions – and whilst they had no antibiotics – they knew how to live well.

Use the sacral moxa fan and all the handy moves – and follow what is on these pages – and life will be easy again.

Might need to think differently to get different outcomes.

Essential nutrients blocked from usage

‘High risk’ pregnancy?

Too much is blinding your body to the nutrients needed if you are even taking them in in your diet . .
Magnesium – is blocked by mercury – and we all have a different system of detoxing  we all carry what was fetally mined (whilst we were with our mum growing and fed into us through her breast milk – she was clearing it out of her fat cells – unfortunate – but too true . .

Adjuvants – yes  – you need to become more aware as the lack of informed consent and agreeing with what is being forced upon us – especlally if you have been vaccinated for the baby’s health – look further.  . the toxic residue that is part of the vaccines will add into what is already on your body burden and whilst pregnant – your body chucks it into bub.

Get rid of the stored toxins – safely – please investigate using this product.
Often within days the topical magnesium no longer itches/ prickles/hurts – and why does it?

Mercury loading in your body – need it OUT.

Do not break yourself further!
Investigate vaccination more? Maybe start here


What to do about your pain?


I have alerted you as to why . .
Steps to take

1 – Decide to help yourself – after all it is your pain/body/life
Listen to the body warning – what can you see right now that you could do differently?

2 – At the very least – drink a lot more water to aid flushing away all chemicals and toxins that naturally are produced.

3 – Take out all cold as it is blocking flows. This is especially true if you also have the ‘need’ to drink iced water – as that ‘need’ is another warning – too much inner heat – which is easily removed when we start paying attention to how a well body works.

4 – Find a source of transdermal/topical magnesium that works for you – and use it AT LEAST 10x daily. Oral supplementation may be the best route – it is so easily sourced no win spray bottles or as a gel or a roll-on. If it prickles your skin – try it with 50% MSM as this is also a very strong anti inflammatory. Also get the drops ad take them to pull out why the nutrients in your food are not getting where they are needed. How do we know? Pain and body not working optimally.

5 – Ditch the medical reactive thinking that has you dependent upon drug sand NOT fixing the warning.

Worse can and will happen eventually.

6 – Organise to see me as 40 years ago almost 80% of those who came to see me as an acupuncturist (and I am not one now but a holistic body mechanic).

7 – Fix yourself – invest in the Self Care course – more at the end of this page.

Self Massage

So simple – allow your body to work as it always was to.

Free yourself!

  Why put up with it?

Using your own loving hands . .

I am here to help – ideally with intensives so we can get to where you started the deviation from perfect blueprint – thus you then are ‘fixed’ and do not need to see anyone – as you are back in the right spot – working well – and have the tools to help yourself (and those around you).

Declutter – Reset – Restore