Birthing a new mother/baby unit


Nature got it right  .
Shall we follow her?

Let baby and mum together decide what and when and how  ..

Ligaments – Liver energy  needs fluids and good blood to nourish – magnesium?
Stuck Liver Qi/ leads into Stuck Liver Blood  

Remember .  . .

It Depends . .
All is anecdotal
Not what is normally shown – but highly pertinent – as is – is the Baby Gate pen?
One woman I worked on said she felt the ramp come down – as I pressed into one of the sets of pints I have here – so simple – dad easy in fact – only need a cooperative helper who wants he best for all of you!

This is a couple activity – just as making bub was.

Please – make your lives (and her bonding/breastfeeding) easier . .

Dads . .

A granddad speaking with a new dad.

Dads – we need  them desperately – it is his baby coming also . .

What can you do?
Do get your manual and get started right now – even if birth has happened the post birth healing is all the same – get her comfy – as pain is a warning. Health issues? All fixable – return her (as Chris did his wife) to where life is easy!

And there is more . .
Huge value . .

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