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  • Do you help pregnant women in your work?
  • Would you like to have more astounding results – with confidence?
  • Want to be guided by someone who has lived and breathed this in clinic in home births and hospital doula-ing? Who has been developing tools to help dads, and an entire community to revolutionise how their mums’ births and mothering?

Incorporating practical skills, case stories, innovative ways to undo what happens. . . life – and how to go beyond – into healing.

Maybe even start with making that baby BETTER?

We can – make such a difference – I have so many of these fetal rescues . .(CLICK)

Another day – yet another story
Mum at the 24 week scan told to terminate the baby – 15 years ago.
The specialist spent at least an hour each visit going over the same story – bub could not live – deformed legs, hardly any brain – she saw the scans – each week.

As a energy worker – she sent her newly sleeping-through-the-night-5-year-old off with grandma.
Husband was working away – so by herself she found it within her to love that baby better!
24 /7 she affirmed her body was making her baby perfectly – physically and emotionally and mentally – and when he was born his APGAR was fine – he breathed immediately. Not expected to not survive the birth – now a healthy teenager.

At school and flourishing with her constant care and breastfeeding him till he self weaned at 17 months.
She said that every day she was grateful he was still alive.
At 7 years of age she felt that she could let go that story.

We can actively assist (CLICK).

So many bubs and mums to reunite – out of fear and into love! – find out how within.

I am offering you so much more to achieve this.
Through my beginnings in acupuncture college carrying my 6 week old baby – through my personal experience of birthing in the 70’s 80’s 90’s, my supporting women home and hospital birthing – prior to the ‘doula’ explosion – working prior to IVF, with and now out the other side . . and always teaching cutting edge – what works.
Hyperemesis (CLICK) – making so many generation at once . . Surely there are easier ways to make a healthy baby?
Resolve all those pregnancy aches and pains and pregnancy back ache (CLICK)?
Pregnancy woes in general  . ..
Mastitis/lack of supply . .
Wondering what else to do?
Why is that breech still breech?
Why is induction causing ‘energy C section?

What can we do?

With acupuncture awareness?

Heaps .. .

What really works in clinic in life and always – found within.
The 14 self explanatory eBooks, 2 supporting videos, video of my 1994 Obstetrics day (and my early C section work)  and of my 2007 teaching classic – ‘8 Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity’. Includes pages of supporting notes, to assist you gain confidence in any pregnancy situation.

Moving you from ‘not sure’ to what always works. .

Decades of lived personal and professional experience – in many settings. Especially in a ‘high risk’.

Let us start at the beginning . . .

The start of the pregnancy video filmed Feb 1994. Unbeknownst to me – in very early pregnancy myself – again.

Start back to foundational care . . .

My real ‘patient’ is the unborn being forming within. .

Support life .. .

Restore normal

Enhance the pregnancy adventure.

What could you do?
Imagine – foolproof anti nausea . .
Relieve ALL pregnancy aches and pains . .

I walk you through how easy it is

Empowering maidens to become warrior mothers – fiercely protecting their young

We use what works .  .

See this case  (CLICK). .

See how obvious looking after a pregnancy can be for the better baby made!
One mum, 4 children – and the last one lucky enough to have wellness care all through this growing time

– common sense –

Always Follow Nature

  • A – 14 eBooks
  • B – 2 Videos – step by step Massage and Birthing – What Dads Can Do
  • C – 4 Videos of the 1994 Obstetrics workshop
  • D – 4 videos of the 2.40 hour sets of the 2007 series
  • E – 8 Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity(plus extensive notes)
Later you may then wish to follow me into the mainstream energy flows, meridians and working with Qi, lymph, Blood.
(In the Transformative Healing package that this started out being a unit within).

Special topics – how to simply return to perfect health and vitality

Nurturing Better Babies – Nourishing mum

Lower Back and Pelvic/pubic Pain (painless pregnancy)
Fetal Positioning Solutions to get to Easy Birthing
(No induction needed) and

Breech Solutions.  .
Easy Birth Preparation

How we can help turn the experience into easy . . .

Turn it all back to simple easy as nature expects . .

Easy to watch and all use it in clinic tomorrow . . .

Wait – there is MORE?

  • This package also includes the  Self Soothing – Belly Moves (Usually $US97)
  • (Why?) What to do to calm gut distress – easily by yourself –  with your own hands.
  • and Perineal Steaming online courses. (Usually $US97)
  • Induction – and post natal – a breeze – get on the steamer!


NEEDED – Women’s ways of knowing Tribal oral traditions – women’s business

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Start today – you will be amazed at how simple life in clinic gets – here is what one acupuncturist said – I’m only on your part one and started applying your principles in clinic today – everything has changed. I have more energy coursing through my body. Patients are lit up…