Cupping the cold out (in pregnancy)

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As an interested person

You are here as you want to get rid of the low functioning your body is stuck in.

Called adrenal exhaustion/fatigue/low thyroid /hypo thyroid . . etc)
You may feel the cold.
You may be plagued by cold.
You may have found my pages online and want to know how to do this yourself

I may have sent you to this work as you are having an intensive programme with me and need to help yourself at home (and all those around you) and have been given the cup and moxa wool and this is your set of instructions  .

Please watch and start today . .
The moxa completes the process.
if you have no access to – it will be still far better than giving up – AND the moxa is the part 2.

No – any other form of healing will not be as good – but all will be better than only taking the cold out.
NEVER get cool (especially straight after this) as you are in a healing state. This is the most profound thing you can do – an if you are a needler- NO – nothing else happens .
Foundtional – stage one.

If you have purchased the Self Care online

Self Care Package

You may have come in via this page (and if not – I explain the perineal pull-ups in video 3.

This is a small aside – as in the Foundational Moves component I go obve this in real time on someone.

If you have missed this – it is below.
Covers all the lymph, moxa and touch therapy – including Gua Sha – that allows you to look after your immediate family. Contains the extras that make a good session superb for the patient – if you are any therapist – especially as an adjunct to the needling. .My secret gems from practice are found there.

Heather’s Foundational Moves


As an acupuncturist

You may have seen my eLotus presentations.

You may have read my posts over the past 13 years on social media

Someone may have alerted you to this as I have been out there – starting internationally with Lorne Brown’s Pro D seminars (2006) and them selling my weekend course – 8 Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity DVDs and Practical Fertility Solutions (produced 2007).

(These are available as part of the Pregnancy through the Energy Lens – see here)

Transformative Healing – Course Outline

Or you may have watched the progression of my work from afar and finally are about to take the challenge.

Making profound differences in pregnancy and/ or in life

Oft asked question . . .


And there is more . . .


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(all the instructions – why and the eBooks accompanying)

Reset Your Metabolism fast track


Moxa – rescue the Yang . .

How to start this navel cupping – need a BIG coin

Can we miss this step?

How to cup the navel . .

Why we do what we do . .

Switch paradigms

We are bringing body back to homeostasis 

We could trust our own medicine . .

Learn more about what I have been doing in NZ and Australia for the past 12 and also 40 years . .
Also contains the videos of two different pregnancy weekends – 1994, and 2007.

Transformative Healing – Course Outline

Some of the contents of the birthing component of the Pregnancy Project

Resource kit only

Easy Pregnancy resources

Or . .

Learn about how simple it is to undo pregnancy back pain (and /or pubic symphysis pain).

Why is this so easy? Restore flows..

Also .  .

How to get rid of that?

Reset Your Metabolism fast track

Read more on how simple this works is – in these cases mostly

sacral moxa fan ..

Naturally relieving back and pelvic pain in pregnancy

Maybe see how you can become part of this Birthing Project?

The Gentling Way . .

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