Blue pill – red pill

Welcome. .

Sometime we wake up to find that our lives no longer fit.

Seven ‘L’s . .  See more here

Perhaps you have always lived in your own bubble?

Possibly you always had your own direction and ignored being the same?

(There are always outliers – the Bell curve of life).

A way of grading anything – likely to be a cluster of ‘normal’ and then the ‘others’ . .

If we do not cater for/look after the ones who are at each end – we lose as a society – the ones who may become us


Aging – dependency to independence as we grow towards adulthood – and then gradually dwindling in abilities as we go towards the end of life.


(Grateful is a way to live – as all changes in life. It is dynamic)

Elderly/infirm have souls too – and we are them.


Maybe you remember watching the film ‘The Matrix’?
Scary times for me as this was my world – minus all the murder and mayhem.
A total disconnect between who I have always been and the ‘reality’ others had lived/expected me to.

Starting point . . .

You are here for YOU
Self first  . . .

‘Rescuing’ others will wear you out.                                                 SELF mastery.
Are you here for this only?


The gap between the mainstream narrative and reality

At some point – we may decide  that enough is enough!

Who wrote this script?

Who wins with you ‘in position’?


Powerless/helpless/hopeless/ . .


Believing that

we are our personality cage only .. .



Stuck in the cage that contains the energy charges/

Memories and experiences

Our inner library that holds all that we need to let go




To free yourself. .




Take your place . . .


Yes – there will be tears as you cast off/out what holds you hostage . . .

Welcome . . .


Learn to live your reason for being here  . .


All of us . . .we have been them also and they are us and we live in duality here with the men . .

All archetypes . .

Our sons/our brothers/our lovers/our fathers and half the human world . .

Liberee – theme song of The Gentling Way . .


The Seven ‘L’s . .

Light (We may have forgotten we are all Light – here having a human experience in forgetting/Free Will.

lineage  why we are here – the survivors gave us the wisdom – are we using it?

Liver – all that is from my acupuncture knowings. . . all levels . . a life paradigm

Lymph/ligaments – not here unless the fluids flow and the ligaments hold our space – willowy/supple

Lies  – all that holds you back – maybe start with – not good enough (for whom?) Body needs help/can’t heal itself . .
Litigation – if you do not stay in control you will be – through fear  . .
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We are all of the Light = as we are all a droplet of Light – here held in a mammalian wrapper