Women’s self help



To change

If you wish to heal – you will have to . .

Start with more water?
Always will help . .
Maybe look to my Life Recipe here.

Self Care Package

Your structure


Uterine positioning


If you wander off to my Maya healing site – (one of the many lineages I carry)

you will be introduced as thus.

When you DO NOT fix what is a problem – you can chase it  all of your life.

We could look after the baby women so much better.

In central America, where my lineage came from in this work – if  a girl fell – even were it midnight – the parents would hasten to the healer (as myself) who would put it all back together – waiting for a catastrophe – as womb in wrong place forever after – is not smart – or needed.

A lifetime of woe may await.

And in Tilly’s case – a life so far of restless legs and insomnia as a response to.


Then there is steaming . . .

The Life Alignment Centre, has a dedicated steaming room.




Welcome – do come on in

The teaching room/ reception . . .

      3 session rooms,

a steam room,

a moxa shed out back,




What more could you want for?

Peace and quiet inside . . .

As a secluded in the middle of Brisbane retreat?


Plenty of parking even . .


A garden . .


And a rose bush


She is still (winter) flowering – expect more . .

We all need to wake up  . .

Our bodies – our lives!