Towards birth

As part of the opening baby gate series

Why we do this . . .

The entire area HAS to be mobile – not held hostage.  Here is the end of labour – bub is imminent.

The combination of all I have developed is used as I feel . . no specific protocol.  As we get closer along – it changes focus.

The hips – need to be perfectly aligned. She had had hip/back issues from all the dancing she had done in high school and was today feeling twingey in right flank/hip region – a new area. (Initially she came in, she had dreadful back pain in pregnancy – that nothing had relieved – gone in first session). – and this was even without moxa!

in the earlier sessions – she started with an astonishingly sore Gv1, ‘Hortence’s’ point and entire ‘baby gate’ upset.. GV 1 inserted after using outer yin Bl points on back calmed it somewhat – still very sore there.

Last treatment – GV 1 etc and working on the points to open the pelvis – in between dad has been heroically getting deeper in and sometimes leaving bruises. (Take more often and a little Vitamin C)

The moxa and massage nightly are paying off. Last night there was no ‘ouch’ in the previously extraordinarily painful spots.  I thought to myself that labour was not going to end well like that! And told dad to ramp it up.
She has no breaks in her sacrum, and is 21, so all should be fine.
Now she was getting painful period like cramps – I suggested using magnesium on her body a lot more. All better now.
Baby dropped a week ago – and at 381/2 weeks – I am now getting more persistent in the opening phase.


To note …

Position – mum very comfy.

Next session we will be on the floor

Baby is in the middle of two pillow towers

Dad commented – ‘now you are doing chiropractic!’

Not really – I am allowing the blueprint to choose to come through again . .


She got up and felt so much better.
Ms Rosy Cheeks again . .
Last time was when I did a lot of work (structural) also – to align her ovarian suspensory ligament.
Very different back and gait after that.

All of this I have worked through as an individualised package – and as Heather’s Gentlng Way, we do it in stages as we feel are warranted. A little is often all we need to do.