Gentle Discovery – Freeing Yourself


Welcome to Body/soul aligning

What problem are we solving?

How to be more flexible . . on every level – often instigated by pain (all levels – especially psychic likely at this time). Lack of flows – creates pain.  . . A sure sign that there is blockage. Answer? – find out what holds us hostage – in the patterns of belief that shut life flow OFF/distort natural flows .. Leading us to feel  . . .

‘Stress’/tension/Stuck . . . .

Often against all our best efforts what we know SHOULD ‘work’ does not.

Whether we are body workers, acupuncturists or living consciously in our bodies. We all get to a point where we are blank – how to go forwards /move from that stuck?

‘What DO I DO next?’

We may go down a well worn path .. .

  • Anxiety
  • Terrors of the night  (Or just not being able to sleep well)
  • Depression
  • A life not lived well
  • Leading to troubles ‘down there’.

So often not addressed as a root cause – but as the labeled medical condition. Let us change this.  In these experiential weekend practicals we touch ourselves and each other – to allow what may need a gentle reminder to start flowing again

‘Self Care’ online course message . . .


Become aware and MOVE IT – Help the gut to be in perfect position – thus function optimally

So we CAN be in a position to  . . . make different life choices . .

‘Self Discovery message: CHOICE . . .

Event description – This was an interactive experiential practical workshop supporting the flows through the body and energy spheres of all that is designed to easily support our lives here. We can get caught up. Structure tightens . By undoing where we have gotten caught into stories – we start by releasing our own. Using the tools in the online pre weekend work – and then onto  what is many different cultures ways to see ‘life’ and what we can do to assist ourselves and others to break through TRAUMA and what is really unfinished business. So many tools and easy ways.

We practice these on each other and experience profound shifts.
We firstly create a safe space

We dive in.
We let go!!
We will pay special attention to the unresolved maternal grief – sometimes ours and often that of generations gone – still lived out in us. Courage to grow and to love!!

Time to break out and LIVE

Heather’s Gentling Way is . . . .

A complete system of healing to anyone with intention.  The culmination of my life’s work.  40 + years across many modalities: asking searching questions on behalf of the medical refugees who seek care (when all else tried has not ‘worked’). , you will find a few surprises. Initially as a naturopathically minded lymph/body worker playing with the acupuncture model, this is now a multi modality recognition of the body’s past inability of the body to clear itself.

The Reichian armour bands are respected as being one of the many reactive ways the body has been able to cope – up until now. As the body allows the previously stuck pieces to merge back into self, we may go deeper.  It is a process to get to the moves – if they are even needed. Starting with US (self).

1 – Why do I do it this way?

We are so capable in the Living Ligaments work of completely transforming lives.
Often what has held this back needs gently taping into and dissolving – here is how . .

2 – Have I been exposed to this sort of work before?

Unlikely as it is  a culmination of decades of my personal quest to answer why do people suffer – we all have different lenses we see life through. As a senior acupuncture course designer my filters are broad and ever changing as my ow personal life lead me into strange spots.

3 – Can I use it immediately in life/practice?

Yes. Likely you will be a very much clearer person on leaving the course – to enjoy you being you differently.

4 – Can I go further into this work?

Both Gentling Trauma Relief and Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace

are  pre requisites for the physical moves in Living Ligaments I and beyond – where we have the opportunity of radically changing a person – and how they are from then on .

5 – What do others say who have been through this work?

‘Heather creates a safe, open and heart centered workshop space. Her workshops are a good environment for the wise woman (those present and rising), the mystic, the healer or the seeker to convene and for those wanting to deepen and strengthen their connection to the world and healing arts. I’ve gained greater trust, confidence and self worth in my own skill sets as a clinician, and am allowing myself to find my own rhythm and unique style, as Heather has role modeled this thoroughly for all that come to her.  I’m deeply grateful for her courage to be who she is and to have created such a unique and safe space for learning, growth, and healing. My participation in Heather’s courses has shown up in my own practice as my work is lasting longer more consistently with my clients and working with iodine has changed everything in my life in many positive ways.– Elisabeth, Georgia USA

‘With a long history of teaching and researching Heather has the authority to back up what she explores in the experiential workshops.  She filled in the gaps that I have been seeking. Even my posture is more balanced than it has been in years – my internal organs have been put back into the right position. I’ve taken away practical skills to enhance what I already have as a practitioner and healer. I would recommend this experience to anyone seeking more knowledge than they think they have, those that want to take a self healing break  to reflect on where they are in their lives and where they want to be. ” Mychelle, Melbourne

 What a ‘patient’ said as she observed what we were doing .

‘Having observed Heather teaching, it is obvious that she is deeply committed to the transformation and empowerment of her students. Heather exercises great care to ensure each student receives as much as they can. Nuggets of wisdom are passed on from decades of experience of healing work, that are simply unavailable else where’. Carolyn, Brisbane

 Gentling Trauma Relief – online usually

Package – downloads to the self paced Gentle Discovery – Freeing Yourself  course.

It is vital that you have taken the time for yourself.
We need to get serious – about our own processes in order to really be there to assist others.

To get a taste of this – maybe look to this page on my free course.

We are working on –  ‘Healing the Mother Within’}

Maybe look also to the Life Rescue (CLICK) as a pre course adventure for self help. We explore in more depth – Reichian armour rings/bands. The areas we all carry within our own bodies – and in working with others. What we can do to release/allow the safe space for the letting go of the stagnation/congestion and festering that builds up when flows can’t. (All levels of being).

We cover the different cultural perspectives of spirit and entities/attack/healing/sovereignty.  We start to set this straight . . Superimposed upon this always are the life stages and the monthly cycles for women plus the seasonal changes, the accidents, incidents that we may not have processed, the scars and adhesions and flow on from all we discovered within the torso in Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai (CLICK) – leading into TRAUMA of not being vital – but of being STUCK. Wishing all to stay the same – not dynamic as Qi is.

This was experiential

We now are sitting at home – or in our countries – no travel.

Regardless . . Let us go inner/inside. Maybe need more help?

How to recognize and what to do?
Starting point –SELF – reframing to undo

Part 1 – Undoing Our ‘reality’ – ways we have set ourselves up.
Numerology birth order, reframing what ‘life’ is for.
Covers many models of ‘spiritual growth’.
What we saw as we grew into the now version of self.

How this is stopping flows . .
What is our reason for being and what stops us from expressing our part of the human puzzle fully?

Part 2 – Practical . .

Ways we can assist others as we have cleared ourselves – and clinically what is possible in sessions.
This is heavily body based – we are not talking so much as feeling and being.

Courage is needed.

Light each others lights  . .

Let us rise up together !

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The 2/3Day Courses – (weekends) flow into Living Ligaments – repositioning viscera especially the womb.

We start with self always – we need to be clear and to feel how powerful such soothing and subtle moves can be.

1 – Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace – acupuncturists

To learn more or to book contact me

Day 1How we live well in this body – allowing Qi/lymph to support life

Day 2Undoing ‘Stuck Belly Blood’undoing what has been stored within – including releasing C section /abdo scars see more details on this site (CLICK) . . .

(Including – childbirth PELVIC education – body surrender – this is real opening to birth).

It is life changing as you instantly get to feel how simple you can alter yourself. And your life.

What will this give me?

Placement on (CLICK) site as entry level teachers of the work.

What IS Living Ligaments?

Undoing the womb held hostage. A system of body/soul release – We LIVE in our bodies. We study life. I have combined my extensive life’s work over so many lineages and modalities into one. Living Ligaments has specific moves in sequence determined by the body on the day.  We start not by finding out ‘what hurts’ – by recognising that bodies are being held prisoner as a character structure. Emotions caught up and not expressed how Qi and all other systems of flow hostage. We must know ourselves and what has been stored for release before we play in and with the patterns of others. Eventually branching out into the wider world, we explore ‘What Does It Mean?’ Constantly.


We look at ourselves to see what we also have hidden away. The specific moves in sequence are still determined by the body: we must look to what we ourselves have hidden away to begin the process of shedding light on the possible work needed by another.  Beginning the process of shedding light on the possible work needed by another.

Undo Self – and go into Self Discovery through Initially we Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai/gut magic

Become aware and release the patterns of trauma, allowing viscera to work as designed. We undo why they are often in a different configuration – thus they cannot work as expected to. You may already have done this . .. (Lyttleton, NZ, Brisbane. Melbourne, Sydney, Atarau, NZ) These (plus online components) lead you on into Living Ligaments.

What will this give me? Ability really make a difference – damp/phlegm/IBS/Krohn’s/GERD/ gut distress Placement as a practitioner of Heather’s Gentling Way on this section (CLICK)

Both Gentle Discovery – Freeing Yourself and Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace

are  pre requisites for the physical moves in Living Ligaments I and beyond.

We have the opportunity of radically changing a person – and how they are from then on.