Why Self Care?

REMINDER . . . . .

Who is the most important person in your life?

We may all be running about- helping others?
What about YOU???

Is WHO ‘OK’?

Likely not us as we go hither and thither – straightening out all – who are not even wanting the help.

Point to note – the one who has one arrows and is collapsing under will never ever be ready for the work that COULD be done with her – as she is so cadaverous . .

We seem to pick our life partners/people in general and ‘patients’ (if a therapist) well . . Do we want to be in ‘rescue’ mode?


We may have forgotten:

Love Thy Neighbour 

As Thyself . .

That means SELF CARE first . .

The information on the gentle Reichian work is here (CLICK)

(Including mother’s time lines – sound familiar??

Whilst I watched this – I remembered that at the same time as I was involved in Reichian work as an acupuncture student – I used to do The Metamorphic Technique. See more also here (CLICK)

Armour bands?

What we have as a body tied/tangled ourselves  – as original protection

By reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai – we may be able to hold space better for others – in ourselves and then with others as we work deeply – yet very gently with them.

This is experiential – and not for note taking – or with gadgets  as we sit with/in ourselves and allow – often for the first time – that has been shut down – to percolate up. For release.

Also seem to have forgotten

To have fun  . . .

BUT – fun first – let us undo each other . . .
Which row are you living in??

Again – us first – Living Ligaments 1 –  we work on those in the group.

As we learn how to undo the stuckness – from the inside – that is the trick  . .
Reichian armour bands – maybe read more about this here?
And sign up.

These are very small classes – and are pre requisites for all the rest that is to come ..

Living Ligaments I

This is about – releasing what holds the structure stuck. Also – allowing the diastasis and the adhesions a way to gently release/repair.


Who does not need this?

Only need these sessions a few times as and the twisted pelvis etc are all better – seriously  .
Broken coccyx and fractured sacrum – we did not even know we had – let along the adhesions – causing all sorts of visceral (learn how to return uterus and prostate to perfect positioning ).

“WHAT I SAW IN OTHER PEOPLE – It’s beautiful being able to watch someone grow and become aware of how easy it is to totally transform their body and life. Becoming aligned again. Leave glowing. A sense of loving self unfolding before us. Belly massage instantly worked bringing back forgotten connections to their body.” Sylwia – Sunshine Coast

David Sunshine CoastOver the last three years I have spent my weekends and evenings learning through reading, attending workshops, listening to lectures and webinars. I am currently half way through an acupuncture degree and am amazed that this content is not covered by this course either. After all this time I not come across anything that is so simply outlined, logical, and understandable. Listening to the content I find myself nodding along and thinking, wow, that is great, I have never seen it that quite that way before and it so nicely links in, like connecting puzzle pieces. At other times I am amazed that I have never seen, or heard the concepts discuss in that manner, and it just makes sense. Best of all, I feel that I can immediately start to practically apply the learnings.”


YOU need to be a little more ahead before the process of assisting others to shift their own road/life blocks.

Onto . .

Where the fun starts – when YOU change what is happening for the others you touch.