Men Matter workshop (practical)

Being born male – what does this mean for health?

We explore what makes a man different from a woman, from pre conception through all life stages.

By exploring the unfolding of a man’s Jing process in the 8 year cycles, we can track how living in the modern world, and the residue of Body Burden have on his life experience. Besides exploring growth from baby hood through puberty and onto aged – we look specifically at the new epidemics:

Male factor infertility and

Prostate cancers, are addressed within

Chronic Prostatitis (CP) and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS).

By using the 8 Extra meridians (releasing what is blocking normal repair and healing) and using simple effective techniques Heather has developed over the past 40 years in clinical practice we will learn simple ways of correcting this. Adding in her practical prostatic drainage and advanced channel  applications we have so many ways to assist even the most crippled man to lift him out of his misery.

Did you know .. . .?

Chronic pelvic inflammation is a hidden portion of male suffering

Most quote a 1999 study (it can only be worse now) where it was found that among the 4 categories of prostatitis, the most common was chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome, accounting for 90-95% of prostatitis cases. Prostatitis hits around 14% of men of all ages and racial origin (1, 2). Nearly 50% of men at some point in their life encounter this condition (3). See a similar paper here.

There is no resolution in orthodox medicine – leading to the inability to live a normal life. Often this path takes him through to a private (silent, usually not shared) hell of suffering chronic and often severe pelvic pain.

You may be totally unaware – yet the pain can be very crippling. Chronic prostatitis severely impacts the quality of life. The life distress and misalignment of someone with chronic prostatitis is comparable to that of a person who has sustained acute myocardial infarction, or unstable angina, or who has active Crohn’s disease. Chronic prostatitis has also been associated with erectile dysfunction. See a usual story here.

There are no easy orthodox answers – past numbing medications and ‘learning to live with it’. The blocked and painful urination, difficulty even in sitting, in rewarding sexual expression, potential non fatherhood and possibly self medicating with various numbing agents – may end up as suicide.

What may have set this up?
We explore all the points in a male’s life through the modern context
We then see how this mirrors what is happening to the uterus owners
How is this similar/different?
Can we address the problem the same?

Working from an energy and from lymph and structural models, using Heather’s Stuck Belly Blood and Gentling Ways Qi moving protocols will allow you to prevent and to undo these potentially male disasters.

By the end of this day you will

1) – Understand being male through energy and structural lenses.

2) – Have the tools to de congest the flows through the male pelvis.


Only a few spots free as this is  an intimate practical session.
Please ensure your place to get the instant download of a selection of the work that will be presented –
You can instantly use these moves in your own life and clinic.