Gentling Way Self Care experientials

Welcome – explore how you got to be you

The shamanistic pathway in healing is not noted often.

WELCOME – You have fallen into where it matters who – (and) what you are/have been.

Gentling Way Self Care

Wondering – why Self Care?

Need to fill your own cup FIRST?

AND – this is imperative to go onto any of my hands on work – you MUST be able to start your own self mastery.
AND – you will be some much more compassionate of those who are also on the similar journey.

Question – may I ask .. If not – what instead?

We are all so pregnant with possibility

This is what I wrote for the Brisbane Self Care Gentling Way weekend

When we can truly own what our Story is and has done to get us to here – we can step away.

We can also have fun as we explore how we all got ourselves into the tangles we so seriously want to study/’fix’. 

Especially in/for others.

What do we do?

Find ourselves and deeply repair what is broken.
In the context of selfing we also learn to touch the wounded deeply buried parts of self – and with our own hands we learn to care more. For us.

This is a pre requisite for going on in my hands on work – we all have no idea of the elder’s wisdoms that we have so easily shed – those easy that cheaply and safely helped make everyone well and happy.


1 – Setting the scene – being here now in form – introducing H’s 3 circle model

2 – Lineage – where we all came from

3 –Life recipe’ – what is needed to stay anchored here.

4 – Three Treasures – and where they came from

5 – Blood – the essence of life and of being woman – why and how

6 – Food factory – and what runs it well

7 – Systems of flows

8 – 5 ‘T’’s – how we fall over – Stuck Liver Qi and ‘Damp’

9 – Introduction to Belly Care

10 – Reichian armour bands /chakras

11 – Spiritual Healing – so many cultures used water, plants and prayer

12 – Digestion – lymph to ligaments

13 – Ligaments and womb placement

14 – Man Matters – their lives mirroring women’s

15 – Replication – otherwise known as babies.  .

(and how they come – or not – what happened when we were being made)

16 – Advanced belly care

17 – Home remedies

18 – Integration – Self Love and Self Acceptance/Release from inner bondage

We will explore with/in multi media and on our own bodies  

We may need to .. learn

This is a light-hearted soul-infused journey into how we are all here called together

When is it happening?

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