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Consequences .  . .


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Natural Fertility Detective

This is Nature’s version of life
Survival of the Fittest . .

It is very possible to make a . .

Bedroom Baby  . .


Context – a little bit about me

After having been working at this interface since BEFORE there was IVF and prior to any of your specialists actually working in this field – I have insights that may seem subversive. I get called upon when nothing else has.  I will take you back to  . . Nature.


Why is the ‘help’ to make babies even needed?
Surely Nature sets sex up for one thing?
Indeed . .
And the sperm plummet is in this central focus.
Not what is ‘wrong ‘ with her – as this has always been so – she was ‘too old’/’too fat’/’too sick’/’too nervy’/too whatever and still more babies showed up

Until . .
The men started firing blanks.

W.H.O. parameters of fertile sperm


Year (This is just being visually normal
– one head, one tail – no mention of actual chromosomal integrity).
1980 80.5% That is 19.5 % NO GOOD is acceptable. .
1987 50% That is 50 % NO GOOD is acceptable. .
1992 30% That is 70 % NO GOOD is acceptable. .
1999 15% That is 85 % NO GOOD is acceptable. .
2010 4% That is 96 % NO GOOD is acceptable. .
2017 3% That is 97 % NO GOOD is acceptable. .

Is this medical cynicism at its best?
No farmer would be this stupid – their bulls have to be at MOST 10% no good or no playing with the heifers.

And they say SHE is too old?
She needs donor eggs?
For this to also NOT make a baby?

How many women in the same time period have become MORE fertile to cover his precipitous plummet?

Can you get a driver’s license with such a ‘pass mark’ (4% normal)?
Worse can happen than no babies – you may make a big reproductive mess . . .
See miscarriages here.

Miscarriage (avoidance)


Sperm quality matters

Biological again is NOT chronological aging . .
Get well . .


Sperm can easily been changed . .
Not only what you pop in your life – and supplements – there is so much more . .

1% – 6% normal (and she was 42 and in a tricky state of health and baby happened naturally (not from IVF as they ‘failed’ there) – but now – 6 months of age – back to 1%.

Reactive Oxidative Stress . . . my 2013 eBook  ‘Research into Improving Sperm Quality’.



Getting pregnant too soon . . .

Epigenetics . .. what stuffs the genes – so they can’t express properly.

Case  of hyper-stimulated – and not OK


BBT – must know what the thyroid is doing – rectal – weekly . .36.7/8C after at least 4 hours sleep.

More on this? See another page here.


Pregnancy a  bit ‘wobbly’?

HCG – a troubled time. .  .

Quality sperm is possible – not her age – or endo or  . .

Look to the HEALTH . . of both of the proposed parents

The average BULL has to be 90% at least looking normal – or – off with his head – or balls . . .
Better sperm recipe . .




Why sperm quality matters. . .

We are looking at baby (past misciarrage) now ‘viable ‘ but damaged . . .

Nearly 20 weeks. . .

95% Morphology – means  5% LOOKING NORMAL


Born too soon . .

Baby coming – what was the trigger?

Maybe physical trauma
Emotional shock . .

Mum gut upset – excess sugar –
OOOPS – is this even needed? Much like that other issue – fetal scanning – and v .. . .
Glucose tolerance test –

What if she has GD?
Lack of ingredients – the right ones – why eat rubbish?

Role of Vit D3 – and diabetes in general . .
Vit D3 and breasts. . .

Magnesium freely available . ..


What to do if baby seems to be coming early?


Crisis or fix this . .
What Dads Can Do . . and all resources . .

Supplements . .
Avoid all sugar – and sweet taste.
1 x 2 fish oil daily.

No vaccinations (NONE are tested as being safe on pregnancy – for baby – or for mum).

Or dental work done (eg Hg filling taken out /out in/touched in any way).

Maybe not well enough to stay pregnant.

Something happened – nature was not being fulfilled.
Bad sperm?
Garden/baby nest – something has interrupted it?
If you get out of feeling guilty – then at least you can take charge and change – at least for the next pregnancy. .


That is enough of what you do not want – I suspect you get the drift.
Shall we focus differently?


Make a Better Baby Naturally?
It is actually easy to change the sperm quality and thus the baby outcome.
Start from health and change the issues that have lead to not great sperm and not great lives likely or your proposed baby – and then – with time, application and patience, you , as so many who follow Nature – WILL get the best baby (and life fr all) possible.

If you do not break Nature through the fear that makes $$ as was never – back in your grand parents’ day – when we just had sex and pregnant – usually with a resilient kid, who was not a hassle – never ill . .


Where are they?
Good question.
Back to Nature again , . .