Miscarriage (avoidance)

Sometimes this MAY happen . .



Why Sperm Quality Matters

Up to you .   . .

Pregnant with WHAT????

A maybe baby?


There is always a reason . . .

Also . . .

Pre term pregnancy ending

How to avoid this?

Please pay more attention to the quality baby of the  baby – not ‘trying make any one’
Blunt though it may be – more effort is put into making a house than where someone else must live in forever .

What to do if it has /is happening?

Easy Pregnancies – start with a great beginnings

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Together  . . . the Shared Journey . ..

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The Natural Fertility Detective

Your children are worth being made consciously – not hopefully.

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Why Sperm Quality Matters


Happy families   
Start with good foundations

Start as though you mean business . .
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