Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai Revision – men’s version

Foundational Moves

Reconnecting Bao and Dai Nia – revision

Goal posts

Move – perineal pullup
Why? – gauge how much change we are effecting

Move – Chest Gouge
Why? Clear the lymph from blocking Upper Heater


Move – Bash Bash
Why? Clear the GB pathways and get some Qi flowing

Move – Stuck Liver Qi Release
Why? Free the diaphragm to allow breath/circulation


Move – Flank Gouge
Why? Free the GB channel so breathing and life flows may

Move – Upper diaphragm release
Why? Clear the junction upper and middle heater

Move – Check in with the connective tissue
Why? – Evaluate what is happening/ possible


Move – Round and Round
Why? – soothe/calm and clear damp build up


Move continuation: must clear the lymph and offer more water
Why? – repeat in between all moves on belly – we are transforming life as they knew it – check out the markers/goal posts again.


Move – small round and round
Why? Calm and soothe the being thus gut.


Move check diastasis
Why? Evaluate state of Sp Qi/Yang holding function collapse


Move –  Around the keyhole/digging for potatioes
Why? Re establish peristalsis






Move – Checking the placement of visceral organs
Why? Need to know what is blocking perfect digestion


Move – Hiatal Hernia Correction
Why? Stomach is not designed to be up in the diaphragm



Move – upper soothing
Why? All versions of ‘stress’/’tension’ are Liver Qi out of place


Move – ‘Cement post’
Why? – clear adhesions from aorta – better blood flow to lower body


Move Sacral clearance
Why? Qi must not coagulate and condense in sitting equipment


Move – Don Elijio’s Twist
Why? – Unwrinkle the fascia



Move Leg shake
Why? – Clear the residue (lymph again)


Move – Sacral opening
Why? – Qi /meridians must have free passage



Move – Sacral rolling
Why? – Lymph/fluid congestion will reflect through entire body & pelvic cavity


Move – Shakey Shakey

Why? – gentling – as with jiggle jiggle on the front.

To settle the body thus it may take a deep breath, and let go. Also to allow the lymph to course through more effectively – as all is caught up in the armour bands. As on teh front with jiggle jiggle –  add this move in often.

Move – Knuckling gluts
Why? Clear more GB stagnation and aid upper body ease


Move – ovarian wake ups
Why? Lymph again at junction of Dai Mai and the ground



Move – prostate rescues
Why? Congestion causes life to slow.



Move – Prostate Drainage
Why? As above


Finishing off . . .

What next?