Sydney class Reconnecting 2019

Congratulations everyone. .

A month has gone by

How is life?
Practice shits?

Would love to hear from you as to what next?

Missing Heidi and Naomi . .

Recap  . .

What did we do?


  Accident recall after P.A.C.E.


Second day  . . .

Scars . .

I have a lot on scars.
Here are the ones we worked with.

In order . .
We started with iodine painted  in – and look what we saw!
Me really excites ad it is so rare t get the blackish look – and the instant absorption.
















We start with cupping the stored cold out . .













The setting out here is a mess as I popped them all up in a group sorry – “You do get the drift I imagine.
When I work out f how I move the video clips onto here (Via Vimeo) they will be placed.
They are amazijng – thank  you to Coco . .



Sequence . .

Accident Recall
Pull out cold
Shock withdrawal . .
Back /bum loosening off











Steaming – we missed this as there was too much to do in sessions . .






Know anyone who may be interested?